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People who shake babies and causing death or serious life changing injuries are either walking or serving a sentence up to 10 years. If you kill a child no matter how it should be MORE THAN 10 YEARS OR LESS. If you cause an injury to a child that alters that childs normal way of life the person should serve no less than 50 years . People who kill someone in a fight gets the death penalty ... people who shake a child and causes their death are getting sometimes less than 10 years. We have to stand up for our chidren and grandchildren they depend on us to protect them. We are their voice.

The child in this picture is my Granddaughter Amariyah. She fought and won her battle to live after being Shaken . Her brain is over 50% dead and there are alot that she is no longer able to do. She cannot crawl, walk, or see. We are lucky some of the babies are unable to hold themselves up or even eat by mouth they have a feeding tube that is in their little stomachs. These children live with disabilites beyond belief, they ususally have many surgeries just to live. Mothers and other Caregivers fight medical providers for what the children need.... alot of the medicad offices fight the amount of therapy that these little ones need. With the right amount of therapy some of these chldren can learn to do some things. But the point is not the Medical here it is that the people that are hurting these children are getting off with a slap on the wrist. Their lawyers defense  THEY DID NOT MEAN TO HURT THE CHILD. Most people who kill others do not mean to kill someone that day either but they are either sentence to life or even to death. The ones that hurt small children don't even serve 15 to 20.

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