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End the Syrian Civil War Now

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March 21, 2013, 6:30 AM
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
To His Excellencies President Obama, Vladimir Putin, Dmitri Medvedev, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Francois Hollande, His Excellency Vice President Biden, The Honorable US Senator Dianne Feinstein and The Honorable US Rep. Mike Rogers and other members of Congress, all world leaders and diplomats and investigative journalists including His Excellencies John Kerry, Robert S. Ford, Sergei Lavrov, Gerard Arraud, George Sabra, Abdelbaset Sida, Adib al-Shihakly, Burhan Ghalioun, Radwan Ziadeh Sumi, Mashaal Tammo, Haitham al-Maleh, Kamal al-Labnani, Yaser Tabbara, Abdulhakim Bashar Kundal, and Bassma Kodmani; and Sofia Amara, Abdel Halim Khiddari, Ali Ahani, and His Excellency Bashar al-Assad and Her Excellency Asma al-Assad, and all world leaders and diplomats and good people who care about peace in today's world:
The Syrian civil war has taken at least 68,590 lives as of March 21, 2013,
and the direct impact of this war has been felt upon Turkey, Lebanon,
Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, France, Armenia,
Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Switzerland, Sudan, Lithuania,
the Ukraine, Belarus, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.
Greece and Cyprus have both been pushed to the brink of bankruptcy
due in no small part to this war;
and at least half the countries listed above, outside Syria, have been
considering some type of defensive military action; and some have
actually initiated military action.
The Arab League has astutely considered
the issue for over two years; and with one peace initiative after another
falling short, falling apart or being cannibalized by photo-op politicians,
the Arab League has finally recognized the Syrian National Council as
the legitimate government of Syria, and accordingly seated it with
valid interlocutor status and more as a member of the League of
Arab States.
Meanwhile, we have a report: unverified as of yet and disputed
by both sides in the war, that chemical weapons were used for
the first time in this war on March 19, 2013. Up to 40 people
were killed in this attack which involved a "chlorine-like" scent.
Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congressman Mike Rogers
are investigating the matter very seriously.
The foremost expert on chemical weaponry, Scott Ritter,
is in prison in the United States on false charges due to
the prosecutorial lynching machine of Pennsylvania
governor Tom Corbett; over which Corbett maliciously
presided as Attorney General of Pennsylvania.
I think it is more important to protect the people of Syria
and other countries from the consequences of further
warfare which has already taken at least 68,590 lives
and in which chemical weaponry is now emerging as
a wild-card, than to uphold unconsitutional prosecutions
of harmless and beneficent people in the United States
who were charged on the basis of false pretenses of
false protection - especially since the mastermind of
these false prosecutions (many others of which are
listed in the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve, now overdue
for Presidential action) was the Obstructor of the Penn State
scandal, Tom Corbett himself; linked by a campaign fund trail
to one Jerry Sandusky, and to corrupt and Constitution-shredding
deals with oil and gas corporations in the hydrofracking business
The last thing the Earth's fragile environment needs is another
Middle East war heating the earth up. The Earth has not yet
recovered from the previous spate of damage incurred due to
the two most recent wars in Iraq - the one launched over 22 years
ago by Saddam Hussein, and the war launched ten years ago
by the namesake son of the American hero of the previous war,
George Bush. The veterans and the victims of these wars can
attest to that fact unanimously. So can the residents of Gaza
and southern Lebanon; themselves the victims of more recent
warfare in the Middle East. There is also the victimization
caused by warfare in Georgia Sakartvelos, in Libya, in Yemen
and in Afghanistan and neighboring lands, as well as in
Myanmar Burma, the southern Philippines, Rwanda, the
Congo and other parts of central Africa, and the genocide
in South Africa against white people - particularly farmers -
which in totality has an earth-destroying effect
which we who live on this planet cannot afford.
The incorrigible stubbornness of both sides in this war is
one major factor in the incitement and prolongation
of this horrible war. There is enough fingerpointing
and blame to go around, and if only each would look
to his own to address the causes of the perpetuation
of this war, this war would cease. Negotiators have
tried to negotiate ad infinitum; and I suggest that the war
end on the following terms, which I have pre-arranged
for both sides as an addition to my prior work since
December 25, 2011, in ending this war:
1) Bashar al-Assad and his wife, Asma al-Assad,
will agree to a new provisional Constitution which contains
the terms of a cease-fire and the implementation, in due
course, of a Constitutional convention which will be held
in due course to modify the cease-fire Constitution. The
Syrian National Council and the Syrian Patriotic Group
will also agree to this in principle.
2) The new Constitution will declare Syria to be
a Constitutional Monarchy, with the King as
Bashar al-Assad, and the Queen as Asma al-Assad.
The King and Queen will be co-regents; and will
exercise limited powers such as the power to open
and convene the legislature and to call for a vote
of confidence and to announce the date for elections.
The King and Queen will have the right to name a
royal successor, and to determine the line of succession.
The King and Queen of Syria will have no executive or
judicial powers. Their entire range of powers will be
ceremonial and in conjunction with the legislature and
its formal procedures. The exercise of their powers
will be defined by legislative rules of order which are
subject to revision from time to time by a three-fourths
majority concurrence of the Legislators so voting in
a quorum of two-thirds of all Legislators currently serving.
The Cease-Fire Constitution will protect the King and Queen
from prosecution within Syria and internationally; and will
grant a pardon to them both for any past actions for which
they may have been under investigation. The salary of the
King and Queen shall be determined from year to year by
the legislature of Syria. If, at any time, the King and Queen
shall voluntarily choose to abdicate, this abdication shall
terminate the royal line, and Syria shall become a republic
by automatic provisions to be included in the Constitution.
3) The Constitution of Syria shall include religious freedom
and the right to secularity, and shall include
no religious favoritism or description.
4) The Constitution of Syria will apportion de facto
recognition to both the Syrian National Council and
the Government of President Assad, as co-equals
with equal power to represent the Nation, until such
time as they both mutually and peaceably agree to
set aside their differences and work for the common
good in the same legislative framework, without
recrimination in any violent way.
5) The execution of capital punishment - both
by civilian and military courts and any other means - shall
be forbidden by the Cease-Fire Constitution; and
shall be decreed only by secular judicial order in the context
of due process of law, and shall be for ceremonial purposes
only. Any such sentence of capital punishment shall be
automatically stayed on a permanent basis; and imposed
only as a means by which the State may repudiate violence
and rebuke man's inhumanity to man without itself joining this
violence in a hypocritical manner. In this way, rather than itself
perpetuating the cycle of violence in which violence begets
further violence and recrimination, the State shall decree that
the process of recriminatory violence is finished.
6) President Obama shall be able to do something to
bring peace to Syria, by granting clemency to Scott
Ritter and other good Americans according to the
conditions set forth in the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve;
which have been forwarded long ago to the good offices
of leading members of Congress and other officials in the
United States, as well as to the President himself through
discreet channels. In the interest of justice and peace, the
52-part Pardon and Reprieve is the method by which justice
and peace is best granted; and the new Syrian Cease-Fire
Constitution shall call upon President Obama to grant the
52-part Pardon and Reprieve, and to appoint Scott Ritter
with diplomatic credentials in order to immediately investigate
the presence and use of chemical, biological and other
exceptional weapons in Syria and connected to the Syrian
Civil War; and the Syrian Cease-Fire Constitution shall provide
that Scott Ritter and his entire diplomatic entourage shall be
granted complete freedom in all parts of Syria to conduct full
and impartial investigations, and to report to various Governments
and to international regulatory and diplomatic bodies at their
own discretion and duly deliberate speed. Furthermore, Scott
Ritter and his entourage shall have the right to keep and
bear arms during their entire stay in Syria, and the right to
protect themselves from any and all threats and attacks.
7) The Government of Syria shall endorse the Cease-Fire
of 2006 as between Lebanon and Israel, in the Cease-Fire
Constitution; and shall endorse and recognize the
independence of Lebanon. Moreover, the Cease-Fire
Constitution shall include a provision which leaves open
the possibility of future negotiations with the State of Israel
or with the Palestine-Israel State Confederation in its
stead, regarding final and agreeable disposition of the
matter of the partially occupied Syrian province of
Al Quneytirah or Golan Heights. Furthermore, the
Cease-Fire Constitution shall contain codicils which
recognize that the territory controlled by the State of
Israel or in its stead the Palestine-Israel State Confederation
shall be inviolate from all land, air and sea attack by any
agency of the Government of Syria; and that the
Government of Syria in all its components and trucial
sides pledges to work with the State of Israel and/or
the Palestine-Israel State Confederation toward peace
and amicability between Syria and its southwestern neighbor
south of Lebanon.
8) The Cease-Fire Constitution shall include a provision
in which all sides and sigantors thereto agree that no
foreign occupation or involvement which proffers to assist
one side or another in the Syrian Civil War following the
cease fire or in the days leading up to it, is either permissible,
desirable, or possible under international law; with the
exception of purely humanitarian aid such as, but not necessarily
limited to the following: food, potable water, medical and
medicinal supplies, seeds for growing crops and for gardening,
clothing, medical equipment including hospital equipment,
sanitation and sterilization equipment, desalination equipment,
water cistern collection equipment, well-digging equipment for
water wells, hydraulic equipment and water purification equipment,
chemical safety testing equipment, family-to-family and person-to-person
cash assistance, and similar assistance in terms of business supplies
for businesses whose business is purely peaceful or humanitarian
in nature.
9) The Cease-Fire Constitution shall provide that international
elections inspectors shall be welcome to observe any future
elections in Syria, and international human rights inspectors
shall be free to visit Syria and to maintain any headquarters
in Syria for the purpose of monitoring human rights
according to the principles in the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights; and that such elections observers and
human rights observers will be granted and accorded
diplomatic immunity in Syria, whether the Governments
of the countries of which the observers are natives
do so or not.
10) The Cease-Fire Constitution shall provide that
neither the United States, nor Russia, nor Iran,
nor Turkey, nor Israel, nor Iraq, nor Jordan, nor
China, nor Lebanon, nor Saudi Arabia, nor France,
nor any nation in the League of Arab States, nor any party or
legation from these countries, nor any agency or group
using these countries as a staging point, shall be
permitted to exercise any undue non-humanitarian
or non-democratic influence on internal Syrian
Respectfully submitted to Your Excellencies,
etc., on March 21, 2013
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

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