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Arrest Barack Hussein Obama for crimes against the American people

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Obama, who helped bring in Obamacare unconstitutionally along with a Congress who passed it unconstitutionally and a Supreme Court who acted unconstitutionally to make it a tax when it wasn't, and then he went and altered it unconstitutionally several times to give breaks to his buddies, has gone way too far. 


Apart from trying to get soldiers court-martialled for holding traditional views on marriage  ,  from trying to attack the coal industry , and aiding our enemies in the Middle East , to letting four soliders die at Benghazi and then trying to cover it up, of which he still is actively doing, to closing war memorials during a shutdown and other closures that never have been before and which are usually privately owned, to seizing private homes as part of the government shutdown ,  to allow soldiers to die due to his bungle with Fast and Furious and to this day trying to cover that up, to inciting federal workers to target conservatives , to going after them directly via the IRS audits of conservative groups, to refusing to pay death benefits to the familes of fallen soldiers during the shutdown, to many other offenses, this man has acted like a full blown traitor and IS a full blown traitor.   He needs to be removed from office and arrested and stand trial for his crimes!  

If we can, we should organize a 10 million march on Washington demanding his removal from office and arrest.  




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