An Investigation into the Fall of Kabul and subsequent events

An Investigation into the Fall of Kabul and subsequent events

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We as Americans have seen the horrific handling of our political and military leaders in regards to the most recent events in Afghanistan, to include the entirety of the Afghanistan war as a whole. The American people deserve to know what their military is being utilized for, and our military deserves to have a clear, defined mission and mission goal. 

When the evacuation first began, the defense military officials stated that the ground commander had air assets he can utilize in defense of troops on the ground should he choose that option. Those were their words, a week prior to the bombing. Why were those assets not utilIzed in unison to strike a threat they knew existed?

- Sill the government provide any and all treatment to our returning warfighters as well as the families affected?

- Why were the troops ordered to remain outside the gate and continue the evacuation when there was solid intelligence that there was an imminent attack impending, specifically one related to an IED.

- Was there actionable intelligence that could have led to threat mitigation? Why is it that 36 hours after the bombing, all of a sudden we have the capability of striking?

- Why were American troops ordered to clean feces, blood and trash around HKIA before handing it over to the Taliban whom we had fought for 20 years?

- What were the overall objectives in the Afghanistan War? 

- Was there proper planning on the withdrawal of American citizens?

1,063 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!