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Allow trained school staff to carry weapons.

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Banning guns won't end school shootings- illegal drugs are banned, and yet people sell or use them every day, and often get away with it. What we need to do to keep our children safe is allow the staff in our schools to carry guns, provided they get the proper licenses and training required to carry and use it, and undergo bi-monthly psyche exams to make sure they won't snap on the students. Who in their right mind would attack a school full of armed and trained staff who will defend our children however necessary? Where as, if we simply put up signs banning weapons on school property, anyone who has access can walk right in with weapons. Security guards can only be so many places at once- but if the teachers who are with the students all the time are the ones who are armed, then the kids are safe so long as they're in a classroom, or near a teacher. Our teachers should be trained, and armed to defend our children so that incidents like the recent kindergarten shooting never happen again. If they do happen again, and our teachers ARE armed, then at least our children will have a line of defense standing for them instead of being scared and defenseless, sitting ducks just waiting to see if they'll be shot or not.

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