Aggregation of Petitions against House Resolution H​.​Res. 413 (117th Congress)

Aggregation of Petitions against House Resolution H​.​Res. 413 (117th Congress)

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Started by Sumith DeSilva

Invitation to Hon. Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis to Visit Sri Lanka in Light of Opposition to H. Res. 413 Demonstrated by Aggregation of Petitions

It is regrettable to bring to your attention on Resolution 413, which is full of unsubstantiated allegations, grossly detrimental in so many levels and so many aspects to the point that opposition for this resolution has become formidable. Especially at a time the whole of Indian Ocean is vulnerable to Chinese hegemony and US Navy 7th Fleet and Sri Lanka Navy is conducting joint exercises. The perfect corporation between the Defense Department of USA and Defense Ministry of Sri Lanka is admirable. Unfortunately, Resolution 413 essentially will jeopardize this valuable cooperation. Therefore considering the fact that the district you represent has the largest number of Americans of Sri Lankan origin, we like to invite you to visit Sri Lanka and ascertain the facts.

In an attempt to give you the correct understanding on the subject we present the following excerpts taken out from number of petitions, Press Releases, and other responses to Resolution 413.

We, the undersigned Sri Lankan Americans vehemently protest against House Resolution 413 (H.Res.413, 117th Congress), on Sri Lanka, now referred, for its consideration, to the House Foreign Affairs Committee of which you are a member. Based on its contents, if further actions are taken by the House Foreign Affairs Committee to support Resolution 413 and subsequently by the Government of the United States, such actions will undoubtedly create serious tension on the cordial diplomatic relations the two countries enjoy.

The 26 year war of terror unleashed by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on the Government and the people of Sri Lanka ended in May of 2009 with the military defeat of the LTTE. It was a war that caused enormous loss of life and damage to property in Sri Lanka. Since then, for over a decade now, succeeding governments have been able to maintain significant peace, harmony and understanding between all communities in Sri Lanka, while dedicated efforts and resources have been expended towards, reconstruction and economic development of the affected areas. These efforts are on-going.


Yet, we are totally appalled and shocked that Resolution 413 proceeded to the House Foreign Affairs Committee while containing factual errors, disingenuous, uncorroborated and unsubstantiated assertions and disregard of ground realities. We, here, refer to the most dangerous assertions made in Resolution 413, but decry it in its entirety:


1.There is reference to “various armed Tamil independence organizations, including the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)”. These “Tamil independence organizations” (LTTE Fronts) are precisely the organizations that supported the LTTE war of terror against the Government and people of Sri Lanka. They are LTTE fronts that operate with temerity, in the USA, Canada and Europe. For your further elucidation, the LTTE was concluded to be one of the most ruthless terror organizations and was proscribed by the Government of the United States in 2007 and 32 other States including the European Union, UK, Canada and India. The LTTE's atrocities against the State and the people of Sri Lanka are on record. The main and underlying objective of these LTTE Fronts is to continue to agitate for a separate Tamil State in the North and East of Sri Lanka. We have very good reason to believe that the five US Congressmen/women who sponsored Resolution 413 in the US House of Representatives were all influenced by such LTTE Fronts, in clear disregard of the fact that the LTTE is a proscribed entity under the laws of the United States. Consequently, any action by your Committee that supports Resolution. 413 will only lend legitimacy to the aforementioned key objective of these LTTE Fronts to achieve their objectives.


2. Equally, we protest in the strongest terms the use of the phrase, in Resolution 413 of “traditional Tamil homeland” in the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. Neither geographically nor historically is there a justification for identifying any part of Sri Lanka be designated as a traditional homeland of any race or sect. The entire land mass of Sri Lanka is the homeland of all citizens of Sri Lanka. This phrase has also been used deliberately to obtain the US Government's implicit recognition, in order to realize the ultimate objectives of the LTTE Fronts to divide the nation.


3.We like to point to Human Rights Council Resolution 30/1 referred to in Resolution 413. The Government of Sri Lanka withdrew from Resolution 30/1 as it is its right under international law to withdraw from any international agreement. Any reasonable and objective review of the efforts of all Governments of Sri Lanka since 2009 will reveal that many constructive steps have already been taken to address the issues in this Resolution 30/1.  This was acknowledged by the High Commissioner of Human Rights in her Report on Sri Lanka dated 27 January 2021. “Nevertheless, Sri Lanka seemed to be on a new path towards advancing reconciliation, accountability and human rights.”


4.Reference is made in Resolution 413, to UNHRC Resolution HRC A/ 46/1 (March 2021) and instructions to the Government of the United States to take steps to enforce it. The Government of Sri Lanka has already indicated its steadfast opposition to HRC 46/1. The Government is also not a party to HRC 46/1. Therefore, it is not legally binding on Sri Lanka and cannot be enforced by any State or organization.


5.Resolution 413 does not have any reference to previous resolutions specially Senate Resolution 364 (113th Congress) and number of anti terrorism resolutions at the wake of Easter Bombing in 2019. This questions how bona fide is Resolution 413.  If there was reference to previous Resolutions, highlighting demands that were fulfilled by the government and the ones that are still pending, then we can pursue Resolution 413 as at least marginally genuine and it is solution oriented.


6. Consortium team members requested specifics of the allegations but haven't had a response yet, from Congresswoman Deborah Ross the sponsor of the Resolution. Therefore we humbly urge Congresswoman Milliotakis to demand from her the same. Added to that Congresswomen Malliotakis also should demand the same from the entities who brought it up to her, now that more and more evidence are coming out that this was pushed by rump LTTE.


7. This kind of a reckless Resolution can be used by other countries too, to derive other policies that in the long run damaging to US Interests both Domestic and International.

8.It is a miscalculation for the Congresswomen to assume that because Congressman Dan Davis of Illinois did not pay a price for having alleged dealings with LTTE, this damaging Resolution 413 is not going to adversely affect her, when we are very well aware, of the blatant double standard. On the other hand former congressman Michael Grimm did pay the price on his nefarious connections including LTTE supporters. Secretary Hillary Clinton had to return the money she received from major LTTE financier, indicted hedge fund billionaire, Raj Rajaratnam,

That is why we insist, the only way to get over the stigma is for Congresswoman Malliotakis, to withdraw from the co-sponsorship.

9. We reiterate in no uncertain terms that the sponsor and the cosponsors of Resolution 413 have bought into propaganda and hypocrisy of LTTE front groups and this harassment of a Sovereign Country must stop.


Therefore once again, representing the district with largest number of Americans of Sri Lankan origin, it will be invaluable if you accept our invitation to visit Sri Lanka to make the assessment by yourself without relying on LTTE front groups. Upon your acceptance we will work with the Embassy of Sri Lanka to issue a formal invitation and do the pertaining travel arrangements.

Madam Congresswoman Malliotakis We know how busy you are, however on the flip side this would be an ideal work cum vacation for you to enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of Sri Lanka, for the time immemorial known as “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”.



Consortium of Sri Lanka Expatriates and Friends of Sri Lanka

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