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Active Sanctuary Cities in Every State in the US

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With recent international crises ranging from Asia to South America, people are trying to escape the famine, war, genocide, or corruption from their home countries. This transition is by no means an easy one, and in order to facilitate the process of emigrating, especially from dire circumstances, we as humans must all come together to open our homes. No skin color, race, socioeconomic setting, or any physical or economic characteristic for that matter in general should pose as a  boundary from one being granted entry into a different country. However, not only will refugees be benefitted with this law, but also those who are undocumented. Sanctuary cities are that limits its cooperation with the national government effort to enforce immigration law. People should have a safety option instead of living in constant fear of deportation. It is unjust for families to be torn up just because of missing paperwork. It's time to treat everyone equal, as we are all humans. Instead of ultimately resorting to deportation or the dismissal from entering any place in the US, there must be an alternative, even if temporary, for those who are seeking refuge or are undocumented. Thus I propose for there to be a sanctuary city in every state in the US. 

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