A democratic call for the immediate and expedient impeachment of President Donald J. Trump

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We the People find President Donald J. Trump guilty of violating the Constitution by means of, but not limited to; 

*Excessive egregious abuse of Executive Orders.

*Enabling and maintaining various conflicts of interest, including, but not limited to, owning shares of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

*Prevention of legal, VISA holding citizens from returning to the country.

*Addressing blatant falsehoods as "Alternative Facts".

*Encouraging a foreign nation to commit cyber crimes against a rival political party during a Presidential Election.

*Associating with known Neo-Nazi collaborators such as Steve Bannon, among others.

*Violating the First Amendment by denouncing the People's right to gather in protest and the free press for covering it.

*Labeling over half the American People and the free press as "his enemies" and the "opposition party".

*Acting in an unconstitutional authoritative dictatorial manner that reaches beyond the intended powers of the Executive Branch.

*Ignoring the separation of Church and State by allowing religious organizations to donate funds to a political candidate.

*Enforcing partisan policies at the expense of a bi-partisan populace.

President Donald J. Trump must be held accountable for his abuse of Presidential power.  If he is allowed to continue his dictatorial authoritarian behavior, then our very delicate democracy will be at stake.  No man is above the law.  If the Republican Party wishes to regain the trust of the people, they must immediately and expediently remove President Donald J. Trump from office.  An example must be made for the good, the advancement, and prosperity of our great nation.     

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