End "Child Cobalt Mining" in the CONGO... #FreeCongo

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Congo DRC is sitting on $24 Trillion in untapped raw minerals and also considered the #1 poorest country on the entire planet... Many speak of human rights abuse, sadly there is nothing comparable to what is happening in Congo DRC.

Mining companies like Glencore, African Metals Corp, Amani Gold, ARC Minerals and Metorex will hire CHILDREN as young as 5 years old to dig through shrubs in a treasure hunt to find minerals like COLTAN, COBALT, & URANIUM.. 3 of the worlds most valuable minerals that fuel all of our phone's, laptops, cars, and even jet engines.

Since 1990, 6 Million Congolese residents have been brutally murdered in a silent Holocaust over rebel wars for these valuable minerals as foreign companies pile up loads of cash ignoring the suffering.

We are calling on YOU to sign this petition and spread awareness to not only these atrocities happening in Congo DRC but the violation of HUMAN RIGHTS that is allowing children who should be playing or learning in school to work in these extremely dangerous mines.

These companies have been thriving in silence and need to be held accountable.. Here is a list of the top corporations currently mining in the DRC:

Kamoto Copper, Metorex, AngloGold Ashanti, ARC Minerals, Armadale Capital, AVZ Minerals, Banro Corp, Eurasian Resources Group, Loncor, Resources, Mawson West Limited, MMG Limited, Tiger Resources, SNEL, Shalina Resources, Kilo Goldmines, African Metals Corp, Amani Gold, ARC Minerals and & Katanga Mining.. 

Here is a list of the top tech corporations that purchase conflict mining from these companies:

Apple, SONY, Google, Tesla, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, (and most tech giants) -

"Children are digging in trenches hunting for treasure in a playground from hell" - CBS NEWS

"The Children say they are paid as little as $1USD per day" - THE GUARDIAN

"There are roughly 40,000 children illegally working in DRC mines" - THE UN

"Families say their children suffer smashed limbs and many die from tunnel collapses and none have ever been compensated for the death of their child" - FORTUNE

We demand charges against child mining and lawsuits for the families killed or badly injured in these mines.

We demand Corporations donate to educate all the children of Congo.


Children belong in school, please sign & spread the word!

You can donate and stay informed by visiting our website at www.FREE-CONGO.org and email FreeCongoDRC@gmail.com to get involved ! #FREECONGO