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Pat Williams has spent his life and career fighting for a stronger education system in Montana. He has spent his life standing up for Montana students. And when our most vulnerable need a voice, Pat has always been there. 

Pat believes our communities become stronger and that we make students safer by talking about and solving problems —  not shying away from them. 
As a former University of Montana student, faculty member and the parent of three University of Montana graduates, Pat has made every decision by asking what outcome will make the University of Montana a better place for students to grow and learn.

Because of this, we, the undersigned, support Pat Williams’ confirmation to the Montana Board of Regents.  We urge you to support his confirmation to the Montana Board of Regents.

Pat’s commitment to the University of Montana is deep, genuine and unwavering.  

Pat believes the University has begun making genuine reforms in beginning to heal the community of Missoula, the University of Montana and its athletic department.  As that difficult process continues it will, as it already has, cause pain and difficulty in the short-term; but eventually our institution, our players, and our students will be the beneficiaries. 

By any measure, Pat is eminently qualified to serve on the Montana Board of Regents. Pat chaired the Committee on Postsecondary Education in the U.S. Congress, served as a Trustee or Director on countless national Boards and has irreplaceable experience to offer the Regents and the university system as they chart a course forward for all Montana students.

Your signature below is a show of support not for just Pat Williams, but for a better University of Montana and a better education for our students:

* A Montana that encourages students, teachers, parents and those in leadership positions alike to speak up and speak out. 

* A Montana that encourages students and their leaders to solve, not ignore, the challenges they will inevitably face.

* A Montana that always and only assumes we can and must do better.  

Letter to
Senate President Senator Jeff Essmann
Chair, Board of Regents Regent Angela McLean
Board of Regents Regent Joseph Thiel
and 26 others
Board of Regents Regent Paul Tuss
Commissioner of Higher Education Commissioner Clayton Christian
Deputy Commissioner for Fiscal Affairs / Chief of Staff Mick Robinson
Associate Commissioner for Communications & Human Resources Kevin McRae
Chief Legal Counsel Vivian Hammill
President, University of Montana Royce C. Engstrom
House Education Representative Doug Coffin
Executive Assistant to the Commissioner and the Board of Regents Lynette Brown
Senate Minority Whip Senator Cliff Larsen
Chair, Senate Education & Telecommunications Senator Jim Peterson
Board of Regents Regent Jeffrey Krauss
Board of Regents Regent Todd Buchanan
Senate Education & Telecommunications Senator Jonathan Windy Boy
Senate President Pro Tempore Senator Debby Barrett
Senate Majority Leader Senator Art Wittich
Senate Majority Whip Senator Eric Moore
Senate Majority Whip Senator Janna Taylor
Senate Majority Whip Senator Llew Jones
Senate Minority Leader Senator Jon Sesso
Senate Minority Whip Senator Robyn Driscoll
Senate Education & Telecommunications Senator Elsie Arntzen
Senate Education & Telecommunications Senator Taylor Brown
Senate Education & Telecommunications Senator Tom Facey
Senate Education & Telecommunications Senator Dave Lewis
Senate Education & Telecommunications Senator Sharon Stewart-Peregoy
Governor, State of Montana Governor Steve Bullock
Confirm Regent Pat Williams

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