Only UPASS Users Should Have To Pay For UPASS

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The Grand River Transit Universal Pass Referendum has just been passed at Conestoga College. What seems like a great idea (having a low-cost solution for people to ride public transportation) has turned into a mandatory $270 charge to all students regardless of whether they will use it. This comes as a blow to students who take their own transportation to the College who are already charged $502 per year to park at Doon Campus and now have to pay for other students to ride the bus. 

As written by Conestoga Students Inc.:

"This U-pass would be mandatory for all full-time students who have paid the compulsory student association fees attending Conestoga College’s Doon, Waterloo, Cambridge and Schlegel (University Gates) campuses. [Students] would pay $274 annually (two semesters at $137)."

The vote was passed October 2, 2018 with only 14.5% of full-time students voting in favour of the referendum. 

This petition is to charge Conestoga College to find a better alternative to the Upass where students, who are already being charged exuberant amounts of money, are at least able to pay only for the services they want to use.