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Bring back the old stoga

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As students we feel the new rules imposed upon us have taken away the elements of Conestoga that make our school so special. The rules are unreasonably harsh and strict, and will more than likely lead to an incredible increase of suspensions, ESS's, and other unecessary disciplinary actions. For example, if a student fails to give their name to a staff member they are suspended... How is that fair? In our student body's opinon this an extreme overreaction and unfair consequence just as we feel most of the new rules are.  Innocent students will be punished for small misdemeanors that used to not be considered an issue. Attending a class late twice results in an ESS or suspension? What if there is a long line in the bathroom or another valid excuse for the reason for being tardy even as much as 20 seconds after the bell? We are understanding that due to specific events the school has endured recently, actions need to be taken, however this hard crack down is unjust and will hurt the schools historic positive vibe. Just as moving the social zone of the library will take away one of the best parts of Conestoga, and is more than likely to be ignored. We are willing to listen and abide by rules and new sanctions, but only as we see them to better our school, which in this case we do not. The individual actions of students or staff should not result in an all new school, that is less than recognizable as the "Big C" where students are excited and proud to attend. School is supposed to be fun and easily looked forward to, the new code of conduct however has created a massive uproar and upset mood towards our school. Students are not looking to break the rules but after the numerous amounts of meetings it appears the staff/administration is seeking to get kids in trouble to appear things are under control. We as a school can reassure you we are respectful and proud students, but given the new rules it makes that difficult when all we want is our old stoga back. 


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