Reinstatement of Sid Lambert

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Sid Lambert has been fired due to being "insubordinate". However, proper procedures were not followed throughout this process. Write ups must occur legally AFTER verbal warnings(Sid had two) on each infraction. After 4 write ups, the individual in question is supposed to be "suspended" (btw, Sid was not given this luxury). After a period of suspension it can then be decided if the individual should be fired. All supposedly to be voted on by the County Commissioners. (This also was decided upon by Sid's supervisor who has visited the shelter once in her time of service, and the Chairman of the Commissioners). Three commissioners knew nothing about the firing until it was done and told to them. One commissioner has not told his side.

The commissioners also blamed Sid for not keeping the shelter clean. Hmmm....what did he do with all of the donated Clorox, Fabuloso, Pine Sol, etc? He cleaned with it. DUH! However, when you have a building built for the purpose of a gas company and not a shelter, cleaning all the time still will not "mask" the problems of dogs and cats. I have been there many times throughout the last five years of Sid's directing, and have volunteered, so I know cleaning has been done. But if anyone has a puppy or cat, unless you have nothing else to do but stand right beside them, their bodily functions happen more than once a day. So cleaning once in the morning will not be sufficient, and it takes more than one/two people to do this throughout the day. Remember, the shelter only had two workers, and if one was off or out sick, that only left one.

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