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Condoms and Tampons to Prevent Rape

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Introducing FemDefense - a tampon like device a woman can wear in her vagina with a sharp pin at the end which penetrates a perpetrator's unwanted penis should a rape occur.  It was designed by a woman in Sweden after a series of rape attacks in the country, but as you can imagine, it is not a real product.

According to the website, "Her actions are a logical response to the malfunction of the judicial system in a country many consider to have reached a high level of equality between the sexes...The idea for the rape-protection device and the woman behind it have functioned as symbols for the debate on inequality between the sexes and men's violence against women."

The Rapex condom certainly highlights the brutality of rape in a way I've never seen before, but when the scenario pans out in my head it doesn't end well for the woman either. Think about it. What would a rapist in his blind rage do to a woman after his penis is painfully impaled by razor sharp claws? Or what if you become attached to your perpetrator? Not a pretty picture. 

Since most rapes, two-thirds in fact, are committed by someone known to the victim the question of when a woman should wear the device is also problematic. According to the website you should wear the device anytime you have to, "travel long distances alone, on a train, working late, going out on a date with someone you don't know too well, going to pubs or in any situation that you might not feel comfortable or ever just not sure." As it turns out though, even if you do feel comfortable and are with people you trust you can still be in danger. So basically you should wear the device all, if not most, of the time.Is the Rapex condom a realistic solution to combat rape?


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