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Concussion in Classroom: Help my child get justice! We have only 5 days left.

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Our child was beaten unconscious in gym class.  Not only did the school offer no medical help, they also tried to cover it up so that we never found out that he needed immediate medical attention.  The police refuse to investigate stating:  "It is not a crime to cover up a crime".

The school principal called me to say that our child was hit in the head, he was just fine and was sent back to class. It sounded almost playful.

When he came home that day, he was not the same person. He did not say much but showed me 3 small bumps on the left side of his head and said that it hurt.
I spoke with the principal before school started the next day. He did not tell me much other than our child was not sent to the school nurse and that I was not allowed to see the video of the assault but he did ask me not to file charges against the boy that hit my child.

All calls past this one went unanswered or returned but I did start receiving daily emails from the school superintendent threatening to charge me with truancy if our child was not returned to school. I would remind them that he was not in school because he had a concussion and has a doctors note.

Barry was eventualy signed out by a neurologist for 6 1/2 months. He is still suffering from post concussion syndrome 11 months later.

It took me almost 6 months before the school would allow me to view the video.  At that time, they actually gave me a copy.  This is the actual video I was given.  I finally found out why our chlid came home with a tramatic brain injury.  I also got to watch in horror as my child was saverly beaten in the head while the 2 teachers in the gym did nothing for him.  They left him lay across the bleachers, unprotected and without any concern, they walked around and chatted with other children.  The video goes on for another almost 2 minutes and they never check on him.    The call I received from the school came in at 2:11, hours after the assault.  How long was he unconscious?  We don't know.  The school will not tell us.

We did report this to the police and the assalent was only given a small slap on the wrist because the school refused to send the information that was requested by the juvenille prosicutors office. So once again, they covered up the crime.

I reported this to the local police and was told that they would not investigate because covering up a crime, is not a crime.

Our Mayor said that he had checked into our situation and that the police had investigated so he could do no more.

Children's services investigated and sided with the school. We were told that they could not definately tell if our child was unconscious in the video and he was able to attend class later, so they closed the case, unsubstanciated. They were unable to contact the female teacher that ran up to the assualt, so they interviewed another teacher that was not even there and that person's testimony did not match ours.

Our local media refused to cover the story because they say it is not a story.

We have 3 weeks left before our 1 year time line expires and our child deserves justice.

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