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Countertop Solutions - Avoiding Mistakes

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Remodeling has always been a costing process. Especially expensive come different possible mistakes: they involve both time and money, not mentioning emotions that you experience. So, what are these mistakes in real? Let’s make some review of them.

Here we have already started discussing potential mistakes during remodeling process and countertop solutions, so let’s go on with the discussion.

1.       Any type of flooring can be chosen
It’s not only about aesthetics. Flooring is not a countertop that will be for everybody’s use. It should be comfortable and fit for living. For instance, if you have kids and pets, installation of hardwood flooring is impossible, as it not scratch resistant. If there is any foundation problem, than floors with hard surface is not for you, because soon breaking and cracking will appear.

The advice is: don’t just look at what you like, but read it up carefully to make it both beautiful and practical for your home.

2.       Being busy for a contractor
Do you really plan vacation for this period? But what if your contractor has questions on shower type or on counter top to be used? You’ll have to do lot of work during remodeling, like commenting, making critical decisions, etc. You are here to decide, and you are to be always available. Even if you own a helicopter, it’s not an option to keep your contractor hovering. Be involved, be available, be interested, and the final result will make you happy.

3.       Keeping silence
Being available is ok. But a well-run communication with your contractor is another point to be followed. You should talk to him not only about daily tasks, but tell him that you might not like this or that countertop solutions, for instance. Well, it’s quite tough sometimes to say that, but it is necessary for the best result in the end. A professional contractor will always listen to fair criticism. Because this is you who pays money for your bathroom remodeling.

4.       Paying in full before the work is done
This rule must be applied to any type of a contractor. To protect themselves, as a rule, contractors require advance payment. And this is normal. But not the total amount. Because otherwise there is a risk to stuck with half-finished room and never hear about the contractor again.

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