We ask the BC Minister of Transport to place a concrete barrier along the entire Lions Bay section of BC Sea to Sky Highway 99

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If you travel to and from Whistler or Squamish, have you ever wondered why on earth the entire section of highway through Lions Bay has large open sections where there is no concrete barrier? The BC provincial government in their infinite wisdom have instead decided that it would be safer to place trees and shrubs in some sections of the highway instead of having concrete medians placed through the entire stretch of the Sea to Sky highway through Lions Bay. It seems that someone put aesthetics ahead of safety. It makes absolutely no sense to place shrubs and trees through some sections and not to have a concrete median between the oncoming lanes of traffic throughout the 99 highway that passes through Lions Bay. There was a serious collision on December 28th 2014 where a car or truck passed through the “shrub barrier” and struck an oncoming car and serious injuries resulted. Now yet again there has been an accident on Nov 1st, 2015 with serious injuries in Lions Bay as a result of lack of a proper barrier. 

In 2013, there was a similar accident in Lions bay where two UBC students were killed by a similar accident where there was no concrete barrier in Lions Bay.

Here is a link to the news article of the recent crash this past Sunday in Lions Bay:  

Nov 1st 2015 Accident:

"RCMP say a northbound vehicle went over the median where there is not a concrete divider and collided with a southbound vehicle." 32 Year old Marie-Pier Champagne passed away 2 days after the accident. At least one other passenger was critically injured in the accident. 

December 2014 Accident: ;

You can see where the accident happened on Dec 28th, 2014 – just before or after concrete barrier – you can also see the section where there is a curve in the highway without a concrete barrier.

There is a great video from UBC’s newspaper that illustrates the dangerous nature of this section of highway because of the lack of a concrete barrier for the entire stretch of Lions Bay: ;

Please sign our online petition so that we can encourage the Minister of to quickly remedy this safety hazard. There is no need for a study as the problem is so painfully obvious to anyone who drives this section of highway. How many more people will be seriously injured and die before the Province of BC fixes this safety hazard in Lions Bay?

Please sign this online petition if you are concerned about the safety of this section of highway, especially if you travel to between Whistler and Vancouver.

Recent News Articles and Videos: 

Recent Serious Crash on November 1/2015: 

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