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Following bomb threats on Muslims at Concordia, students have a right to feel safe.

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On March 1st, a bomb threat was made by the Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada* against Concordia's Muslim students. This threat is yet another sign of the growth of Islamophobia in our community and should be characterized as nothing other than a terrorist threat.

In a letter sent to major media outlets of Montreal, the group states that "between today March 1st at noon and March 3rd we [the group] will detonate once per day small artisanal amateur explosive devices that we planted on two floors of the H bldg and 1 floor of the bldg EV where Moslems hang out"**.

In sight of these threats, Concordia students, particularly Muslims, are worried and in shock. However, Concordia University has only decided to cancel classes in the two targeted buildings, and, as of now, only on March 1st.

This petition asks that Concordia University provides academic amnesty for all students requesting it until March 3rd. That is, we demand that Concordia University issues a statement to all professors demanding them to not penalize students who miss class in any other building or on any day from March 1st to March 3rd. This includes:

  • Grades given towards attendance;
  • Midterms;
  • Quizzes and other class tests;
  • Labs; and
  • Any other evaluation that counts towards a students grade.

Additionally, I would like to urge professors to consider not covering any important material during lectures from March 1st to 3rd if they see a majority of students are absent.

It is primordial for students to have a right to feel safe, and nobody should be penalized for doing what is best for their own safety. Additionally, the feeling of shock felt by all students of the Concordia community impacts stress levels, and could lead to underperformance in evaluations. 

It is in times like these we must come together, and show the Muslim community of Concordia that they are welcome, and that we will do what it takes to ensure their safety. This petition asks that Concordia and the CSU follow along with this message.


PLEASE NOTE: this petition does not call for a cancellation of all classes, but for a guarantee from Concordia that students feeling unsafe will not be penalized for missing class.

*It is important to understand that the Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada is not in any way linked to the Conservative Party of Canada and that every conservative does not necessarily share this belief.

** This quote was obtained from MTL Blog's release of the letter:



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