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Concordia University - False Advertising- Masters Students

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 Program competency test (PCT) has been made mandatory as a Qualifying Program in addition to a regular curriculum for course-based Computer Science and Software Engineering students enrolled in the fall of 2016 to be cleared in the 1st year of admission.


As for the Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSE) Department guidelines:

The PCT is taken from their first stage of the Master's Course, which is MEng (Software Engineering) and MApCompSc program. Students who fail the PCT are required to take COMP 5481 the next time it is offered by the Department and achieve a grade of B or better. Until COMP 5481 has been successfully completed, students are only able to register for the core courses for their program. COMP 5481 counts as a qualifying course, in addition to their program courses. 

All the Students have the following problems in regards to PCT:

1. The Deadline Application for Fall Semester -2016 students was Feb 15 and PCT was added for Fall -2016 on 12th August 2016 which was never revealed during the time of Admission to the students.



2. Advanced Programming Practices SOEN 6441 course has become the core of the program in 2016 which has complete programming curriculum. So, having another concurrency test as PCT is considered to be more complicacy in the course curriculum.

3. The University is responsible for the clear description of the requirements and curriculum for any course under their academic year. There is no such requirement or a mention of such a competency Test while applying for the Fall 2016 program whose deadlines close maximum by May 2016.

4. The offer letters never indicated pre-requisite for Concordia SOEN and COMP students, who were notified after six months of the passing of admission deadline. 

5. All of the students are condemning the arbitrariness of the university, where they added PCT, failing which COMP-5481 has been added to that and made it mandatory for fall -2016.

6. The fees for the additional course is approximately, $ 2700. Students with the fixed budget, education loan, and from other countries(International Students) are forced to pay an additional fee which was never quoted while Admission in Fall-2016. 

7. As for Quebec Laws, it is a complete case of False Advertising.

8. In total 350 students are affected by this false advertising and total benefit for University is 350 * $ 2000 = $ 7,00,000.00

 Being admitted to Fall 2016, we request that this requirement should be canceled.

With the PCT challenges, the chair has been approached by ECSGA highlighting the consequences of PCT on the Master's degree, financial issues but till date, nothing has changed.The ECSGA tried to approach authorities many times but everything has turned futile leading to increased frustration of students.

1. Students are already paying for 45 credit hours, so they must be allowed to take COMP 5481 without any fee. Students who fail PCT do not have to pay extra fees for COMP 5481, it could be included as a mandatory course for students who are unable to pass the test and give credits for the same.

2. If it is a Mandatory course, 4 - credits should be provided to Students

3. The University can conduct PCT as a test for the future of students and students while admission.

4. No other University has such kind of arbitration of programming as it is during admission.

5.Students are paying more, not getting credits and extending their graduation,that  was never disclosed to students during admission.

By this petition, we urge the Computer Science and Software Engineering Department to make necessary changes.


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