Concerns On The Repeated Delays In Construction Progress For HDB BTO - EUNOS COURT

Concerns On The Repeated Delays In Construction Progress For HDB BTO - EUNOS COURT

16 August 2022
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Started by YS Tan

Dear Sirs,

1. We are residents from the yet to be completed Eunos Court BTO launched for sale in 2017 ("Eunos BTO"). During the sales launch, the estimated completion date was slated to be in the 2nd Quarter of 2022.

However the pandemic has pushed back the completion date twice to the latest Delivery Possession Date to 1st / 2nd Quarter 2023 ("DPD"), this indicates that the Eunos BTO is delayed by an entire 12 months and it is increasingly possible that we only get to move into the units in 2024.

Based on original estimated completion dates from:
1) Main Contractor - 3rd Quarter 2021 - Delay of almost 2 years
2) HDB - May / June 2022 - Delay of 1 year

As of now, we have patiently waited 5 long years for the completion and next year will mark the 6th year.

2. Many of us have already started our families with our children enrolled into Primary 1, childcare or infant care near our future residence which means long commute times for our children. We have considered looking for rental units near the schools but this is exacerbated by the surge in rental prices across Singapore putting a strain on our finances and it is not helped by the indefinite completion of Eunos BTO.

3. As concerned residents, we pass by the construction site almost on a daily basis and from our observations over the past 6 months to 1 year, the progress is painfully slow. Although HDB has advised there is no further delay to the DPD, the negligible progress does not allay our concerns that Eunos BTO is susceptible to further delays and an unknown completion date. 

We understand that other BTOs (ie: Ubi, Punggol, Tampines) launched in the same sales exercise or later sales exercises are on track to collect their keys earlier than us. In fact BTO developments in Jurong, Tengah, West Coast, Kallang and private condominium developments have also seen marked improvements in construction progress compared to Eunos BTO since the relaxation of COVID measures and the reopening of borders.

4. With such remarkable differences in construction progress, we did a check and found that Eunos BTO’s main contractor had received several negative feedbacks on build quality from HDB owners as well as from a private developer who "complained of substandard work and slow progress" and terminated its contract in late 2014 and resulted in the developer calling on a performance bond of $8m one year after project commencement. In the main contractor's website, it stated a completion date of 3rd Quarter 2021 for Eunos BTO which is now a 2 year delay based on the DPD. 

5. From the above-mentioned, there is only 7 to 10 months to go before we reach the DPD hence we would like to seek clarifications on the following questions:

a) Barring unforeseen circumstances, how realistic is the revised DPD and is the DPD given based on HDB's technical evaluation of the construction progress?

b) What is the estimated construction progress vis-a-vis the DPD (in terms of percentage)? What are the milestones left to be completed and their deadlines? 

c) Was the tender for Eunos BTO awarded with full knowledge of the feedback and performance issues of the contractor then?

We hope you can understand our anxieties as many of us have our families to consider and without a more feasible and concrete timeline, we are unable to firm up our plans on whether to seek alternative permanent housing or temporary rental accommodation.

We look forward to your response or to convene a town hall with the relevant parties. 

Thank you.

Residents of Eunos Court BTO


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Signatures: 299Next Goal: 500
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