Urgent Call to Hold Public Hearings About Voting in Westchester

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The Westchester 2020 primary election was plagued by systemic problems from start to finish. It was unarguably poorly planned and poorly executed. While we acknowledge the extraordinary difficulties faced by the Westchester Board of Elections due to the COVID-19 crisis, there were multiple failures of leadership which could and should have been avoided. 

There were multiple violations of election law which cannot and should not be disregarded or left unaddressed. These violations include but are not limited to: the lack of timely communications regarding polling locations to voters, incorrect poll site locations on voter postcards, absentee ballots not received on time, lines up to four hours long (forcing voters to stand in the heat), polls too small to socially distance, polls improperly supplied, ballots in the wrong language and correct ballots not offered to voters. Equally alarming, voters were also actively misled by the Board of Elections or their representatives in a variety of instances. There have been numerous reports in both local media and on social media to verify this.

We, the below, call on the Westchester Board of Legislators to hold PUBLIC HEARINGS to examine the failures of the primary election process in Westchester, as well as to ensure that these same failures do not occur in the critical November elections.

We ask that these hearings are promptly scheduled, transparent, well advertised, and include public comment. The COVID-19 crisis is one that will be facing for the foreseeable future; we can not allow the same problems to plague our November election.