Better organization, more consistency and less grading errors in the GB PN Program

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In the George Brown PN program, the transition from semester 1 to semester 2 is already a difficult adjustment in terms of course content and time management. As students, our expectation is that professors support us to the best of their abilities. This semester, additional stress has negatively impacted students due to a lack of professionalism shown by some professors. Students are simply asking that professors show more care and effort by being better organized, more consistent and making less marking errors on tests and exams. We understand that professors have many responsibilities, however we take our studies seriously and these constant errors negatively affect our mental health and our grades. As much as we respect our professors and value their hard work, we as students have felt unsupported and our concerns have not been heard or addressed, despite our many efforts. We want this to be a successful, great program and we would like to work in collaboration with professors to achieve our goals.