After Hurricane Harvey- New SpringISD football stadium VS saving lives and property value.

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The large geographic area now known as Spring was originally inhabited by the Orcoquiza Native Americans. In 1836, the Texas General Council of the Provisional Government placed what is now the town of Spring in the Harrisburg municipality. In 1838, William Pierpont placed a trading post on Spring Creek.

Many moved from inside Houston,Texas approximately 20 miles away for the fresh air of tall pine trees ans quiet neighborhoods to retire.

The Cypresswood drive  neighborhoods are strongly opposed to further cutting down more trees,  near the notorious Spring Creek that flooded much of our area during Hurricane Harvey

Spring ISD, Harris County,  poorly thought out decision to cut down more trees to pour concrete near notorious for flooding Cypress Creek and build a new football stadium, when there is already a football stadium  on the property of spring high school. We anticipate that thoughtless plan  will exponentially  increase flooding to our homes similar to Hurricane  Harvey's wrath in other ober developed areas.

This is where our lives and property was  threatened just a few months ago. Lest we forget.

This plan to threaten our property and safety was ill thought out probably by those who do NOT live in these neighnorhoods.

Further, to build a noise producing high school football stadium in the middle of our quiet neighborhoods and increasing traffic congestion on a no-outlet- to -a-freeways is ridiculous and will increase surrounding neighnorhoods with unwantes traggic while children play outside 

There will be delays in emergency vehicle passage. Nurses and healthcare workers will be delayed getting out to work because of stadium activities from ALL SISD. Massive delays WITH homeowners attempting to get from work to children.

Police response times will be reduced due to heavy traffic usage of Cypresswood

Life and risk to property will absolutely  suffer.

Lastly, this  unthoughtful plan will reduce home values and expose our quiet neighborhoods to increased traffic through our property and eventually increasing threats to our safety

 Concerned Cypresswood  Neighbors 



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