Don't Build A 7-Story Low-Income Complex Next to Our Single-Family Homes!!

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We, the undersigned concerned residents of Calumet Heights, petition the City of Chicago Committee on Zoning Landmark & Building Standards to DENY the special zoning permit required by Montclare Calumet Heights LLC, DBA  MR Properties LLC to build a 7-story low-income senior complex at 9329 - 9429 S Stony Island Ave because:

1. The complex will result in an increase in foot traffic through the surrounding neighborhoods, causing privacy and noise concerns and thereby negatively affecting the quality of life for the long-term homeowners in the area;

2. The complex will result in an increase in traffic and congestion along an already busy Stony Island; specifically, that point on Stony Island is already a choke-hold for traffic in both directions;

3.  The complex will cause a decline in property values in the surrounding neighborhoods, negatively impacting the economic stability of long-term mostly senior homeowners and the viability of one of the highest valued neighborhoods in the 8th Ward, further destabilizing the Ward;

4.  The complex will cause an increase in crime by the creation of a concentrated pool of potential victims that will be targeted and add to the burden of our already over-burdened police department;

5.  The complex will not add to the economic development in the 8th Ward but strain an already weak economic base; and its few resources;

6.  There has been a total lack of transparency in the process of bringing this development to the Calumet Heights community, evidenced by NO solicitation of community input and NO community meetings held.

Please sign this petition to keep this apartment complex out of our community, preserving and protecting the character, safety, economic stability and integrity of our Calumet Heights neighborhoods.