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Stop the new sex-ed curriculum coming to Ontario schools this September. The whole curriculum needs to be remove and rewritten with age appropriateness in mind.

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Parents strongly objected in 2010 to this very inappropriate material when
Kathleen Wynne was Minister Of Education. She along with Ben Levin and others created an extremely shocking sex-ed curriculum. Since that time she has become The Premier, and Ben Levin has been charged with multiple counts of child pornography and counselling others how to lure children. He will pled guilty at a Toronto court March 3 2015. Sentencing in April. The Main Stream media has done their best to keep Ben Levin's on going court case out of the news. What kind of power in high places can control the information? The Wynne Government doesn't want parents to know of his crimes and his association with the party and the creation of the material.

This is to hit Ontario schools In Sept 2015 and the Wynne Government is working on introducing it to the Catholic school board as soon as they can.

The Wynne government has not fully released what children will be exposed too.
We do know : Grade 1- - Graphic lesson on sexual body parts including "penis", "testicles", "vagina", "vulva", and more. Diversity- gay, lesbian. TDSB suggested class reading- "Gloria goes to the pride parade. "
Grade 3/4- have children question their gender. Telling them they may not be the gender they were born. Introduced to other lifestyles and homosexuality, bisexuality, genderlessness ,two parents, three parents, same sex parents, and cross dressing. Romantic relationships, including how a friend relationship can change to romantic one. Orgasims and self pleasure.
Suggestions for activities are -pride parades in the schools. The TDSB (public school) will go even further into all these topics from their Equity and Inclusuve education stratagy document. Not allowing parents to opt out. They have stated to prevent opting out all these ideas will be incorporated into all subjects in some form. 

By grade 6 / 7/ 8 students will be further taught about masturbation and how to pleasure themselves, anal sex and the use of lubrication, what it means to perform oral sex. Role playing as activities. Dress as the opposite sex etc.
Research shows us child predators groom children. First starting with pictures and educating them further. This entire curriculum needs to be scrapped.

April 6, 2009 — “Ontario’s New Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy” — from Levin, “Today, the ministry released its new equity and inclusive education strategy paper, Realizing the Promise Of Diversity. . . This province-wide strategy has been a priorityfor our Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne and me,” Ben Levin wrote to Ontario’s senior educators.

Picture above- Ben Levin, Justine Trudeau and Wynne at Toronto Pride Parade.



There is a rally at Queen's Park to protest Wynne's new sex-ed curriculum.

If you live in Toronto please consider going. 


Tuesday, April 14 2015 @10am - Queen's Park

Do not be fooled by the recent push to include CONSENT in the coming curriculum. CHILDREN CANNOT CONSENT IN CANADA. under the age of 16 it is rape! 

This disgraceful liberal Government will teach your kids they have the right to consent or not and at the same time teach them about sexual things that feel good. A pedophiles dream.  

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