Kids Deserve to be Happy, Healthy & Safe.

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Kids deserve to be safe, healthy and happy. But what happens when they aren’t any of those things? 

Every morning you send your kids to school or you drop your grandchildren off at school. You walk away assuming they will be safe and happy and healthy. Only to find out they are none of these things? How would you feel? Scared? Concerned? Worried?


Well at WoodLand Height’s Public School, a lot of us parents are feeing these emotions when sending our precious children to this school. 

So, you kind person taking the time to read this I ask for your help insuring our children are safe!


We drop our children off in the morning happy and smiling and pick them up the furthest thing from happy and smiling!


While having spoken to many, many parents the list of concerns grew. When speaking with the parents I asked "who is responsible for this?" Each answer was the Principal Lisa Williams.

Each one of these concerned parents all told me how they went to the principle and there concern was either dismissed completely or she was very rude and uncaring about the situation brought to her. 


Following are the stories told in their own words from the parents .

Second day of school at Woodland Heights Public school. I show up to pick up my son and daughter. They were both playing outside in the heat; it was 43 degrees that day. Neither of their water bottles were in sight. Once I got them from their teacher they will literally fighting over a water bottle I had brought with me since both there re-usable bottles I sent with them were empty at this point. It was utterly sickening to watch my children fight over such a basic necessity in life WATER! There is zero reason why my children should have been in this state. Something needs to be done!        Signed a CONCERED MOTHER
VERY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! I show up to pick my daughter up. Her class plus others are outside playing. What temperature is it you might wonder 42 DEGREES CELCIOUS and a heat warning. Where was my daughter’s water bottle? I asked the teachers the same thing, while it was inside the school. When asking the teaching through the fence why it would be in school she then responded with “ while I didn’t know it was this hot outside” how is it she could honestly look me in the eyes and say this. It was all over the radio that morning that London Ontario was under a heat warning that day. This was a big deal for me to see my daughter covered in sweat and begging me for water though the gate. I just assumed it was the first day and the teachers had a lot going on and maybe the heat was overlooked. I went to the principle the next day. I was planning on informing her of what had happened and in the hopes she could give me some comfort in it not happening again. Instead she told me there was no heat warning, rolled her eyes at me and walked away while I was mid-sentence. Never have I ever been treated like that by someone, especially the person in charge of insuring my child is safe. It’s time for Lisa Williams to go !!! SIGNED A CONCEREND MOTHER AND FATHER
This year unlike last year the fenced in area where the young kids play is unlocked. Last year it was locked with a combination lock, this year it has a bungee cord. What is stopping our children from opening it and running off? Nothing is stopping them and that’s a huge problem. I have two sons who are very busy and don’t think before each action they make. It would only take seconds for the teacher to look away and for my sons to make a break for it. I can’t even think about what would happen if they got out, I just can’t stomach the thought. I went right to Lisa about this and she couldn’t give me and excuse as to why it was not locked this year like it was last year. She barley gave me the time of day let alone a resolution to make sure my sons are safe while playing outside. Lisa it’s time for you to step UP or step DOWN!!!! SIGNED A CONCEREND MOTHER
My son suffers from anaphylactic allergies, the sudden onset of significant high fevers that can cause seizures, severe asthma that requires him to be on 3 different steroids twice a day and he also suffers from a condition called Urticaria which is an allergy to heat. This specific condition can be triggered from a direct heat source, environmental heat and physical heat that his own body creates.
With my son, all these conditions are intertwined and trigger each other resulting in a rapid down ward spiral.
His Individual Plan of Care developed with the school was ignored several times in the first couple of weeks resulting in respiratory distress. This caused him to miss the entire 3rd week of school.
When I went in to inform the principal of this, she past it off as a common cold that was going around. When I clarified respiratory distress that was most likely caused by his ipoc not being followed she accused me of not communicating; making me feel like she was blaming me for my son getting sick.
In his ipoc, there are specific temperatures that are to be followed. My husband and I also explained the steps that must be followed if he is taken out in temperatures outside of what we recommended. These were also not followed. When I informed her that I would be following up with an email to keep a paper trail of communication and her failure to comply and follow medical direction, she gave me a blank stare and walked away.
She completely ignored what I was saying and tried to turn it around on me. When I tried giving her direction for administering preventative medication for his return to school she told me to arrange it with the teacher, who I may add is not even the person who my son would be with at that time. She did not question the circumstances that I spoke or cared to reassure me it wouldn't happen again. SIGNED CONCERED MOTHER AND FATHER
These are just a few of the stories, there are many more stories like these but parents are afraid the share. I asked them why they would share with me as a mother on the playground but not share with me as a reporter. The response was disturbing. These parents have brought there concerns to the principle Lisa Williams and since doing so there children have received horrible backlash. Two parents out of the many who wouldn’t go on record stated that Lisa was allegedly bullying there child and making there day to day at school torture.


Is this really the kind of person you want being in charge of your children’s safety?


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