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We, the parents and local community of THE OLIVE TREE PRIMARY SCHOOL, ( that the following petition is of utmost importance and needs to be addressed immediately.

We as parents, no longer have confidence in the Chair of Governors, Abdul Chohan of The Olive Tree Primary School and demand that he be REPLACED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT! 

We feel that the majority of the governing body are not a neutral body and do not do anything against what Abdul Chohan says. This is highly detrimental to the staff at the school and as a consequence, the impact of the children’s education and behaviour at the school is suffering badly.

The Chair of Governors is using his position at The Olive Tree Primary School to promote his own business interests and employment, profit from and to push Apple technology in school, regardless of whether it is good for the education and attainment of the children. Purely because he is directly working for the company and must receive a wage for this. We know he travels the world as a speaker and this brings him lots of money- so by using the school, he is profiteering!  Simple greed, yet putting our children last!  He doesn't care about the children's writing, maths and reading levels- he's clearly more bothered about whether they can code and play with drones! Its completely evident on the school Twitter profile- so its there for the world to see! 

There is no evidence that our children are benefitting in their learning from the impact of technology pushed and plugged into every lesson that is being taught. If we were to ask the teachers; we’re convinced that they would say the same or even if they cant voice it out loud, know it is the case! In fact, it has hindered the learning of our children so much and further, it has exposed them to all kinds of inappropriate material online. It is also time consuming and extremely difficult for staff to police the iPads. Yet, our parent voice is not being heard at all, whether we come as 1 person, 10 people or as a whole group of 30!

The governing body is made up of friends and family of Abdul Chohan, and is not representative of a neutral body to govern decisions. The Governors have ‘ousted’ out the headteacher, who has year on year proven results with an outstanding Ofsted in July 2015, outstanding R.E inspection in 2016, many DfE and worldwide visits, and more since the school opened. We shared in the successes throughout the early years. It is the last two years that the school has just been hijacked by Abdul Chohan to suit his greed and power tactics.

At no point has the headteacher led the school with anything less than 100%. She has always had the best interests of the children and parents at the core, yet has been pushed out by the chair of governors. The ousting of the headteacher has led to a silenced and fearful culture from staff, leaving parents questions unanswered to date. We keep getting told she is on personal leave- for some reason, why is this very unbelievable when it involves Mr Chohan, who is known to have done similar to many staff at Essa Academy because they didn’t listen to his views on technology?

Complaints against Abdul Chohan or senior staff members (current acting deputy head) are brushed under the carpet. He appeases parents or fobs them off whilst they’re speaking with him, yet the reality is that he goes back on his word thereafter. The school Twitter profile and our children tell us that teachers and children are being pulled out of class often, in order to speak at his organised Apple events, from which he benefits in raising his personal profile. It is not the school or the children that benefit in any way.  They're merely being used to suit his agenda!  

The school is in a state of disarray and teachers/other staff do not now show the same drive and passion of the school, due to the mistrust of the governing body and the conflict of interest with Abdul Chohan. It is evident and visible, as parents are seeing the impact of this disarray; in both the declining and detrimental outcomes on our children's education and in the very passive attitudes of the teachers on a daily basis which wasn't there before! The instability has had a knock on affect on the behaviour of our children and parents feel that nothing is being done to address this.  

Shockingly, none of the governors have any experience in primary school teaching, yet they are telling primary staff how to do their jobs and are not challenging Abdul Chohan at all! How else has he managed to make these decisions? Do we even get to see the minutes of these meetings?  Aren't they something that should be shared? Other primary school websites do this, so why not here? 

Abdul Chohan and his people are using the school as a vehicle to push their own agendas and sadly, our children’s best interests are not at the forefront! Our children’s education is much more important than the vested interests of the governors to make this into another Essa Academy. We do not want this school to turn into similar, as this was RUINED with a continuous push of technology by Abdul Chohan.  Clearly, Essa Academy have benefitted highly from him going, as it has shown a marked stability in their school ever since! 


Parents and community of The Olive Tree Primary School

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