Ban plastic bags in India! It's high time! One step closer to Ban pollution!

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It's really important and high time that we start to take some initiative to ban plastic bags! In India the roads are filled with plastic bags! After using plastic bags few times, we eventually throw it away and then the plastic doesn't decompose! They break and break into microscopic peices. We might have some bits of plastic in us now! Because of us dumping plastic bags all the time in to the sea's, fishes consume plastic and later those microscopic plastic particles are consumed by us humans. The bacteria and microbes that normally breaks down organic materials, but we can't break plastic since they are combined of stronger bonds so they don't decompose. There's mountains of trash piled on the streets in places in India! One plastic bag= millions of years of it existing! Recycling is not even the answer as 91% of plastic don't get to the recycling bin ever! We are running out of time! You adults while saying sky is the limit don't think that we won't live long enough to know that's possible! By the time it's 2050 I will be 42 years old, but I might never even make it till there with what's going on. You adults are taking our future away! We want to live, we want to see ourselves having kids some day. Having the opportunity to look at my grandchildren won't be there I know it for sure to what ever is going on. Can we please see how big of a problem this is and not just think it as some sort of speech. Please sighn the petition and join to be one who could be the part of something that made the government of India ban plastic bags! Please join this for a better future join to save a world where we want to live tommorow! We shouldn't steal the futures of the future generations! Please save Earth!