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Petitioning Replay Resorts Drew Stotesbury


We support a balanced approach to expansion (reducing total density by over 60%) of Turtle Bay Resort, which was born out of open dialogue with the community, and we support secure job opportunities for North Shore families, economic activity, 160 units of affordable housing, preservation of agricultural lands, the protection of cultural and natural resources including more parks, and reasonable traffic mitigation. 

And we support the fairness of Turtle Bay Resort being able to develop their property responsibly, as part of its legal rights as landowners who purchased previously zoned land in good faith. 

Letter to
Replay Resorts Drew Stotesbury
The new owners of Turtle Bay Resort have empowered Replay Resorts as their representative to deliver a balanced development plan that fulfills so many promises of the past and provides a much scaled back plan including:

• 2 years of meetings with the public, community, elected officials, and agencies, and listening to the people's comments which led to new Proposed Action (Master Plan) in the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) published on November 23, 2012
• downsizing the number of proposed units by 61% (1,375 instead of 3,500) to reduce roadway impacts;
• proposing specific traffic mitigation measures to reduce the impact of resort visitors on the roadways;
• increasing shoreline setbacks and reducing the density of buildings to preserve rural character along the coastline;
• increasing the number of parks and beach accesses to provide greater shoreline access for the community;
• increasing the number of affordable housing units to 160 from 59 to provide more housing opportunities for the region;
• instituting a Conservation Easement over the agricultural lands to preserve 470 acres of farm lands forever;
• adding a Farmers Market to the plan to ensure that farmers have an outlet for their products & community members & resort have consistent source of quality homegrown food;
• proposing the restoring of Kawela Stream to improve water quality at Kawela Bay;
• initiating an entirely new archaeological inventory survey to help ensure that iwi kupuna (ancestral remains) are not disturbed;
• implementing a cultural management plan to bring the project into conformance with ahupua`a traditions;
• committing to LEED certification & Energy Star standards for new structures to promote sustainability;
• committing to shielded night-lighting to protect sea birds and turtle hatchlings;
• proposing extensive community coordination to address long-term shoreline resource preservation;
• proposing improved shoreline vegetation management to protect and preserve the fragile coastal plant ecosystem;
• proposing the upgrading of the wastewater treatment plant to R-1 quality effluent to promote improved nearshore water quality; and
• fulfilling the original requirements of the Unilateral Agreement.

I ask Honolulu elected officials and community leaders to work with the current developer, confirm these commitments and fulfill the approved General Plan in a more sensitive and balanced way than is currently approved for the 3,500 units.

We, the undersigned, stand in reason and fairness, for the future of North Shore families.

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