An open letter to the Riverview School District School Board

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We write to you as citizens of and, in many cases, parents of students or former students in the Riverview School District. As you are well aware, the School Board’s approval of the proposed 2018-19 annual budget with no tax increases and with cuts to many programs is a matter of great concern to us. We are especially troubled that the vote to approve the budget included no public comment or explanation from four members of the Board, despite comments from hundreds of citizens opposing the budget and sober, reasoned arguments against the proposed budget by three members of the Board. Public debate and accountability are core mandates to you as elected decision-makers and are essential elements of a democracy. We implore all members of the Board, with a special emphasis on those members who have been silent to date, to respond in writing with detailed explanations of the reasons for their votes, how those votes are consistent with the District’s Strategic Plan, and what steps they think are necessary for a sustainable, successful school district that represents the goals and preferences of the community.