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Stop Animal Experimentation.

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No one would like it if their cat or dog was used for experimentation: more than 100 million animals are poisoned, burned, crippled, and abused in other ways in U.S. labs each year. 95% of the animals used for experiments are excluded from the only federal law offering any sort of protection. After all my research I believe we should stop the outrage.
Ask the experimenters why they use animals, and the answer is "Because they are like us." Ask scientist is it morally okay to use animals and the answer is"Yes, because they are not like us, Animal experimentation rests on logical contradiction" Stated professor C.R. Magel. We all use some Product that has been tested on all types of animals. Toothpaste, deodorant, and soap are all been tested on animals. I estimate over 150 million reiterate and non-human primates are used on animal testing world wide. A big amount of them are killed. They don't have a voice to say stop. We as humans should not be doing something so unjust to theses animals.
Cold dark rooms with cages lined against the walls. Living creature echo throughout the building as if the entrapped animals are able to sense their fate. Lying on a table are several rabbits strapped down with tiny cups attached to their stomachs. These rabbits go through lots and lots of pain since they are not given painkillers of any sorts. These animals are being used as scientific experiments. Do animals have rights? In 1824 the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals in England was formed and since then there have been debates constantly on animal rights. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have formed in hopes to stop scientific experimentation on animals.
As in any debate though there is always an opposing side, which seems to toss out their opinions and facts as frequently as the rest. So many in today's world view animals research as morally wrong and believe animals do have rights. If life was to be flipped and animals tested on humans more of us would realize that it is more than unethical to do such a thin.
This should and needs to be stopped. No human or animal should have to go through this. This waste money. Who is to say the results are correct there is always side affect to all medication tested on animals. There is many difference between animals and humans. How is this Morally correct?

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