Fair Deal for Alberta... How about this plan?

Fair Deal for Alberta... How about this plan?

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                                Fair Deal for Alberta... How about this plan?

A winning strategy has to be formulated in a certain fashion able to surpass and mystify the feds’ tactics and manoeuvres and stay ahead of the curve.

The 5-Point Plan.

1- The first tactical move starts with negotiating a free trade agreement among the “willing provinces-an extended western alliance” using the “Magic Wand” of “New Economic Prosperity for All”. Interprovincial trade constraints cost the Canadian economy up to $130 billion every year and may negatively impact international trade relations.

This will lead to new opportunities and many good Jobs. 

At the moment, an extended western alliance power would include Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario who are already joining force to challenge the Federal government. In addition to Manitoba and the Northwest Territories, which would also provide a full access to tidewater. A decisive victory, always, can be achieved with likeminded alliances.

2- Establishing a formalized provincial constitution and continually demanding the right to collect our own personal and federal taxes, (as a tactic, this demand would  put the feds in a tight position, and that is exactly the point).

Quebec strategy during the separation referendum was basically putting demands and pressure on Ottawa, but the outcome showed that separation was not the preferred choice.

The same tactic has to be used by Alberta and any other member of the coalition of the "willing provinces".

This plan will help to avoid constitutional clashes with the Federal government and the typical manipulations by the bureaucrats. It will also provide the needed leverage and an extra negotiation power.

3- The free trade deal will improve the economy and the quality of life for the citizens of the willing provinces who joined the coalition.

4- The numbers game:
*Total population of western Canadian provinces is about 10 million.
*Canada total population is about 37 million.
*The free trade coalition: Western Canada plus Ontario’s population = 23 million = majority.

This new landscape provides the bargaining power needed to make a constitutional change.

5- The ultimate purpose of the “Prosperity Deal” is to replace the equalization formula with a “Mutual Benefits” deal.

A provincial government can host a referendum on any constitutional question. This would require the federal government to negotiate in good faith on the issue. The law does not require the federal government to hold a referendum for amendments to the Constitution.

The 1998 Supreme Court decision stated:

“The corollary of a legitimate attempt by one participant in Confederation to seek an amendment to the Constitution is an obligation on all parties to come to the negotiating table.”

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For more detail and explanations, see: https://www.albertafairdeal.net/


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!