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Change or reduce animal's process

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By the pass of the time, people have been increasing the quantity of meat that they eat in a very impressive amount of it. They do not think about the grievous problems that this can cause in people’s health because all of the hormones any type of meat has, or the suffering that farm animals have to have all the time by being processed. People should be more conscious about they way of eating, and maybe, to think about a different type of diet with more vegetables instead of too much meat.

During my whole life I had to go through these types of scenes with innocent animals that shouldn’t be sacrificed in such a horrible way. I used to live in a very little town, where people killed their own animals to get the meat, and that was more than disgusting to see, and I always trembled by listening to the strong noises the animals do because of the suffering, while they were being killed; I never liked it at all. Since my dad has lived forever in a ranch in Mexico, he always liked to have his own little farm, so he raised cows and chicken, but there were not very good news for those animals at the end. Also, my dad makes get very angry all the time because he now fights roosters; I hate it the most. For these types of things, and I love him and I don’t want to see him in jail if that is the penalty for this type of abuse, but I don’t mind right now because even he knows that that is wrong, so he also knows that he is warned. Programs such as PETA, should take the responsibility to stop those issues. I am more than against these kinds of games with huge quantities of money bet just for watching animals bleeding and die. That is heartless and pitiful from people who are probably not mature enough to see that that is not a correct or legal thing to do. PETA is one of the best places that can contribute with animals’ care, and saving their lives. This is the first issue that made me think on how bad people are being with animals that can’t defend themselves that easily as probably a person can do.

There are too many videos all over the Internet about all of these issues, and most of them show the cruel and disgusting situations with farm animals such as, cows, pork, chickens, turkeys, and even fishes, about how they are mistreated in lots of processing industries. This does not only happen in the United States, or only in some specific businesses, these mistreatments and unhealthy processes that happen everywhere in the world. I say unhealthy because meat has always substances that farmers introduce in the animal’s bodies that can harm people’s bodies. I have been watching too many videos of interviews with veterinarians from those industries who explain why they have to do that process and type of suffering in animals to get the meat. For example, The veterinarians were saying that all of the workers have to make the “prey” unconscious for a while, and that they had to follow exactly the process as it is without killing the cow, pork, or whatever animal it is, so the meat does not taste bad that fast. Well, they did not say prey exactly, but that is how I feel it. But this unconsciousness does not work for too long, because those animals are still feeling all of the pain when workers are cutting apart the animal’s paws, or taking away their skin. They can’t move at all because they are hanging up side down from a lift or something else, but they are just in one of their legs, and farmers have to do that in order to take out all of the blood that animals have. Every single step those workers have to do are very awful, but the worst part is that they use all of the organs and blood as well to make some other type food, which is much more disgusting and even more unhealthy for people.

Well, at least some places make the prey (because that is how those animals should be called by suffering there) unconscious, but there are lots of other places where they probably enjoy making animals extremely suffer until they can’t fight for their lives anymore and die. When that happens, is when meat can be the most infected and dangerous to eat, since there are no healthy manners in their treatments, or the place where they are. I can perfectly remember every single day a very interesting documentary that was probably filmed a very long time ago, but this particular video shows it all that happens in a processing farm from the United States. This video is called From Farm to Fridge, and it is surrounded by tons of other much more ugly videos that people filmed themselves in their own little farms, and they are very easy to find because they are open to the audience. I am not sure who made it, I just saw it one day without expecting it, but their plan was the same as it is mine right now; to make people at least reduce the amount of meat that people eat every day. In here, people can appreciate how the animals are totally crowded in farms, that they have no space to move at all since there are very small places to have them, and they not even have a little bit of time to walk or at least to rest. These animals were mistreated in the worse way possible, and killed so cruel that it really made stop eating meat at all from one day to another. In this place from the United States, I think it was in Illinois, nor chicken, pork, cow, etc., were at least made unconscious to start the process. The worse thing is that the useless animals for these businesses were suffocated, drown into hot water if I well remember, or put in machines that destroyed them completely while they were still alive. I know this does not happen that cruelly, at least that is what I hope, and maybe somebody who is vegetarian or vegan would like to change people’s minds, but I am pretty sure that mistreatments to any animal, not only in processing industries but on the streets or homes, happen all the time as well, and it absolutely should not be in that way.

I had an exhausting time looking for information about these farms, and I found too many websites about places that are ready to support all of this abuse, for example The Human Society of the United States, and as I mentioned before, PETA. I know there are lots of other programs that are willing to help in order to decrease the bad treatments, but my goal is not to write down all of those amazing places. My goal… My petition is to please create a program were people can be told about all of this trouble that meat can cause to people, and how we can help and much better said, save animals all around the world. I really wish people can change their way of eating just reducing a little bit the huge amount of meat people eat. My dream, if I am well economically, is to create a place where I can keep abandoned animals save, or the ones that people treat badly at homes. I would like to have a school of training for domestic animals, and participate in programs with those businesses that take care of huge animals in other countries or farms. I do not want to make people to become a hundred percent vegetarian or vegan; I just want people to be more conscious of what is right or wrong to do with all animals.

I also appreciate the time that people is taking to read my petition. This is something I wish, but I also don’t want people to get mad at my ideology.

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