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Computer Addiction

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Surfing the web has become a pastime as social and marketable as bar hopping or watching movies on big screen. As the web has become a part of mainstream life, some mental health professionals have noted that a percentage of people using the web do so in a compulsive and out-of-control manner.

This campaign aims to remind people especially teenagers that computer addiction has variety of negative effects on them. One of the most common and immediate effect of it is their social life, the user withdraws from friends and family as he/she spends more and more time on the computer. Relationships begin to wither as the user stops attending social gatherings, skips meetings with friends and avoids family members to get more computer time. Even when they do interact with their friends, users may become irritable when away from the computer, causing further social harm. The overall objective of this campaign is to minimize the harmful effects of computer addiction.

Computer addiction is characterized by an excessive desire and subsequent use of the internet or the computer that results in negative consequences socially, financially, physically, emotionally or otherwise for the user. A preoccupation with computers can lead to problems with relationships, problems with productivity or problems with self-care and hygiene.

It’s important to recognize that not all people who spend hours each day on the computer are considered addicted. There are many uses for computers and the internet and in many cases, an individual may spend 6 or more hours in a day on the computer but still not be considered an addict. Each individual situation is different and therefore, there is no set number of hours that is (or is not) considered a potential for computer addiction.

The sites we are going to use are,, and a blog. is a petition website, we will make a petition and search for followers for this petition to be successful. Facebook is a social media and almost the entire world uses Facebook. We are going to use the popularity of Facebook to spread the petition. And we will also make a page about “Computer Addiction.” The scope of this project is to be able to reach the school’s administration, parents, teachers, government, and especially internet café owners to sign our petition and visit our Facebook page. School administrations should task the guards to prevent the students from going outside the campus during class hours. Parents should put limits in using their personal computer for their children. Government should make a law that internet cafes should not let students during class hours.

To realize our project, we will be needing many things especially financial support and supporters for our project. Every computer shop should put a sign what can computer addiction can lead to just like cigarettes where they put caution in their boxes commonly called “kaha.” Organizing an event for lessening computer addiction.

If you have some questions or suggestions you can email us at or you can call us through cellular phone 09487863552.

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