To see Ms Notjila being removed as our Computer Networks lecturer

To see Ms Notjila being removed as our Computer Networks lecturer

6 December 2020
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Computer Science Dean & HOD
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Why this petition matters

Started by Pule Mojela


Proliferations of dilemmas that we face gives us nothing but restless days in our academic life. We as final students we have a huge problem in terms of our lecturer Ms Nojila who currently lectures us SCOB032 (COMPUTER NETWORKS). There are several things which truly makes us find it hard to acquire all the knowledge we need in order to be expects or Scientist of tomorrow.
Here are the list of issues we have:

1. She fails to lecture

We are always complaining about her lecturing us at the speed of light. There is no day we do not tell her to slow down. Her methodology of lecturing us is really becoming a really gargantuan problem as we are at the brink of obtaining our degrees. Many of us do not see the light with how she lectures us, and when a suggestion is being given to her she responds to us as if we have provoked her.

2. She marks insufficiently toward the content that our academic material provides.

As we are given slides, guides, and prescribed books as a supporting material to read and study as a way to help us pass the module. It is very unsettling to our spirits that we provide answers according to how they are stated in our supporting materials that she “Ms Notjila” has provided to us , but our results are not pleasing. We do not even know how that it is even possible.

3 No correction or referral material, which leads many students to fail.

As students we should be corrected and shown where we made mistakes in our assessments, and also be given solutions to how we were supposed to answer some of the questions. But with Ms Notjila that is not a case, we therefore ask ourselves how are we supposed to pass the module if we are not being corrected or even given material to guide us on how to answer some of the questions she set for us.

4. We’re not given enough time to prepare for assessment and assignment.

5. She provides irrelevant scope in all our assessments with less time allocation.

(a). Online assessments:

Her methodology of online assessments are really a burden to us since we are always given a short amount of time to complete tasks that can takes hours to complete. She always sets long questions that needs time to complete and it takes time to type the answers. Her way of setting and time allocation is really not directly proportional and we suffer because of that.

Our aim is not to fight her but to see her being removed as our lecturer.


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Signatures: 33Next Goal: 50
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  • Computer Science Dean & HOD