Compulsory Single File for Cyclists.

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We, the undersigned, respectfully call on the Transport Ministers of each and every State in Australia, and each State Cabinet, to implement Compulsory Single File for all cyclists who ride in groups,  regardless of whether a bike lane exists or not.  

We also call on the respective Transport Ministers of Australia to implement a prohibition of cyclists on all roads with a designated speed limit higher than 80kph,  if those roads don’t have designated Bike Lanes.

Finallly,  we ask that a maximum group size for cyclists be limited to 10 riders or less.

We are tired of taxpayer dollars being lavished on expensive road systems with designated bike lanes,  only to see cyclists continue to ride 2 or more abreast,  spilling into main traffic lanes and impeding traffic flow.  We are tired of the safety hazards such cyclists present,  and we are tired of being we're told we're bad drivers if we complain about this problem.

We, the undersigned concerned citizens of Australia, believe our money is being wasted every time an expensive bike lane is built on a main road in circumstances where cyclists ignore such infrastructure as a matter of routine behaviour. 

We believe no other safety initiative will deliver better results than compelling cyclists to ride Single File.  Indeed,  one only needs to look at the 30% drop in annual cycling fatalities which has occurred in Italy since Compulsory Single File was introduced there in 2014.  The data is very clear,  riding single file reduces collisions between motor vehicles and cyclists.

Again, we say, Transport Ministers of Australia, please implement Compulsory Single File and ban cyclists from roads with a speed limit higher than 80kph if no bike lane exists.

Thank you,

The Concerned Citizens of Australia