Compulsory NHS testing for genetic Haemochromatosis

Compulsory NHS testing for genetic Haemochromatosis

9 May 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Christine Scarff

I suffer from this disorder, also known as ‘ The Celtic Curse ‘ as I discovered quite inadvertently that I have over 75% ‘ Celtic ‘ genes. 
I got a Double First Class Honours Degree in Combined Sciences ( more years ago than I care to remember ! ) so understand genetics.

I have had repeated ill health for years and was originally diagnosed with an under active thyroid about  25 years ago,  which I recently discovered I do NOT have , and put on levothyroxine.

I’ve had serious bouts of depression ( though I’m not really a depressive ) , 2 very premature hip replacements for no really explicable reason, and after I got colon cancer ( another genetic ‘ problem ‘ for some ‘ celts’ I’m sure ) and had to stop being a blood donor which I’d done regularly ALL my life ( 68 donations in all ) I started to try to drink myself to death , on and on for about 6 months, though ironically I’m NOT a drinker .

I subsequently had to have a liver resection ( though I had infact been totally cured from the colon cancer ) and am now battling liver cancer with 3 tumours on my liver and one on my lung !
The reason I have liver cancer isn’t because I was drinking ( which I ceased about 18 months ago now ) but because I have genetic HAEMOCHROMATOSIS !
If you google the symptoms, you’ll see they are just what has happened to me .

I think HAEMOCHROMATOSIS was the cause of the drinking, (drug taking) and death of George Best ( the footballer ) , Mickey Finn ( from T Rex ) , Gerry Rafferty ( ‘ Baker Street ‘ ) and Dylan Thomas ( the Welsh poet ) ALL of whom were almost certainly genetically CELT.

And if you look at an old Parkinson interview with the actor Richard Burton you’ll see he was drinking just like me and he comments ‘ it’s a funny thing with we Celts, we step towards the brink and then we move back ‘ by which he meant we don’t actually kill ourselves, we just try to drink ourselves to death !
He too was a CELT !
Haemochromatosis affects something like 1 in 7 of the population but is NEVER tested for on the NHS,

If it is diagnosed, it’s treated by regular blood removal in hospital to get rid of the iron overload akin to blood donation, but I’d been prevented from being a blood donor after the colon cancer which is why I then started the heavy drinking and depression ! QED !!! 
Medieval medicine often knew something worked, but not why. The 4 ‘ humours ‘ of the body were thought to be bile, black bile, phlegm and blood .

Oscar Wilde ( another Celt , though with other problems too !!! �) was treated by ‘ cupping ‘ akin to medical leeches, but they went too far, removed too much blood and he died !
PLEASE sign this petition, because unbeknown to them it affects LOTS of people, and of course very few GPs know anything whatever about it ! 

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Signatures: 108Next Goal: 200
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