Luxury Drive Of Ministers : Exacerbating Taxpayers Woes

Luxury Drive Of Ministers : Exacerbating Taxpayers Woes

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The Punjab government has approved purchase of fleet of 400 cars worth Rs.80 crore for ministers and the bureaucrats. This, at a time when state is burdened with almost 2 lakh crore of debt and the farmers are paying fines for burning stubble since they can't afford machines to manage agricultural waste.

The government is planing to buy 16 Land Cruiser ,13 Mahindra Scorpio ,14 Honda and Maruti , 97 Toyota Crysta and some Toyota Fortuner for its ministers , staff and bureaucrats. Interestingly, the chief minister already has a fleet of vehicles including six Mitsubishi Monteros and Ambassadors.

During the elections of Punjab in March 2017 the Congress party pledged to abolish the prevailing VVIP  culture in the state but this action is in the stark contrast to their commitment.

It is quite shocking and astonishing for me , being a responsible citizen of this country, how could they kept their eyes close to the basic and immediate need of the state,which is in a  debt tarp and plagued unemployment and drug abuse.

This can be illustrated by a study conducted by three universities, Punjabi University Patiala, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar and Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana, more than 10,000 farmers committed suicides during past 15 years. While 4686 farmers who died between 2000-2011 had consumed poison, 2240 farmers died of other reasons, including drug addiction.

My simple questions to the CM of Punjab are :

1 What are the basis of purchase of new vehicles, as you are already having most advanced cars.?

2 How this initiative of purchasing new cars will enhance the productivity and efficiency of you and your staff.?

3 As 80 crore is a huge investment , so how will you justify its ROI ( return on investment) in term of socio-economic return.?

4 How will this thing end the VVIP culture of the state.

I want appropriate authorities to intervene and take necessity steps to curb this misuse of tax-payer money.