Our community demands the resignation of Deb Donnelly DON

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The Villages of Orleans is in need of immediate change. We, as the family and friends of those at the facility, are not satisfied with The Director of Nursing's performance. It has became perfectly clear during the COVID pandemic, that the residents in the nursing home are not safe. The Director of Nursing's services have not been up to par as far resident care, and or staffing in years but have become extremely dangerous recently. Over the couple of months she has failed the residents and staff and needs to be removed from her position, immediately, before anymore lives are lost due to her inability to provide them proper care and attention. As of right now, The Villages of Orleans currently has 89 positive COVID-19 residents, and 22 residents lives have been lost due to the virus, not to mention the countless staff members that also have contracted the virus. The director of nursing has failed these individuals by doing things like locking up personal protective equipment from staff, in an office that only she has the key to.  She has done many more illegal and immoral things that have caused harm to our residents, staff and community. Excellent people have quit because they will not work for this director of nursing and this is the reason that the facility is always short staffed. She needs to be removed from her position and replaced with someone that actually cares about these people and our community.