Conduct Background Checks of Service Staff in Karnataka

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It was the day when Gopal had gone out leaving his seventy-nine-year-old mother alone at home.

Around 11:00 AM, she heard the gate to her house open and saw a person in Khaki uniform enters the compound. He walked across the portico and knocked on the door. Cautious that she was, she peeped through the grilled window adjacent to the door and asked who it was.

"Gas leak check madam," replied the man in Khaki.
"I have not complained about any leak," replied Lakshmi boldly
"Regular periodic check madam, I will take only two minutes," replied the man.
Having seen him in the gas agency down the road, she believed him and opened
the door to let him in. He was carrying a leather bag which she assumed had the
necessary tools for performing the check. She was shocked when he pulled out a big knife from the bag and threatened her even as she tried raising an alarm.

Gopal returned a few hours later only to find his mother lying in a pool of blood,
the gold ornaments on her body missing and the steel Almira wide open. The police and the gas agency tried to gather information on the culprit, only to find out he has submitted fake identification.

There are more than 1 million gas delivery men working in this country. How do we know who to trust and who not to? 6.3 Million security guards live among us. How do we know who to trust and who not to?

A year ago,  Neha, shared a story. Two strange men posing as AC Mechanics entered her house on a weekday when her husband was out at work. When the work was done, they got their papers signed by Neha and left the building. When Neha went to check the AC in the bedroom, she accidentally
saw a drilled hole in the wall where a Hidden Camera was kept. Neha was shocked.

The two men were reported to police immediately where she found out they had multiple eve-teasing and harassment cases against them.

There are 3.6 Crore maintenance technicians in this country. How do we tell the good from the bad?

What is common among these two stories?

Strange people with regular jobs like Gas cylinder delivery guy,  AC repair mechanic etc. entering the houses of innocent civilians and turning their
lives into a tragedy.

Do you get parcels couriered to your house? Do you get gas delivered to your house? Have you ever thought of who ensures your safety when you let strange
people into your house?


I believe these are reasonable demands to Ensure Safety of citizens, Introduce and issue ID cards for all service staff verified by the police. Make it mandatory for all service staff to carry this ID card and penalise those who Violate the rule for

1. Gas delivery boys,

2. AC maintenance technicians,

3. Housekeeping staff and all other sectors employees who are involved in door to door services.

4. Ola and Uber cab drivers

5. Courier delivery boys  - Amazon, Myntra, Flipcart, Swiggy, Zomato, 

6. School and College Bus Driver and Supporting staff