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Petition to demand a Royal Commission into Bullying & Corruption in Australian Healthcare

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There is growing evidence and awareness of a very serious, toxic problem within Australian healthcare - bullying and harassment. The scale of the problem is huge and is damaging not only those who witness or experience bullying and harassment, but it has also been proven to negatively affect the healthcare that is being provided to patients.

A Royal Commission is required to ensure a full and impartial investigation, to end this needless and mendacious behaviour and protect all healthcare workers and patients.

We must protect the people who look after the patients. All those who are, or have been responsible this criminal conduct, must be brought to account.

Healthcare professionals and those in training are suffering daily, many to the extent of becoming suicidal, sadly lives have been lost as a result of bullying and harassment in healthcare.

The problem is so acute that The Victorian Auditor General was called upon to carry out an investigation, their findings and report are truly disturbing.

The full cost of bullying and harassment runs into unknown millions - wasted time and money, loss of productivity, stress related absence, legal fees for the healthcare sector and employees who have been subjected to bullying and harassment, compensation etc

Bullying & harassment are a danger to healthcare which we must stand together to eradicate. It is time to put an end to this pointless, devastating behaviour and demand better for all healthcare workers and patients.

Either we are part of the problem or we are part of the solution.


Health Professionals Australia Reform Association (HPARA)

HPARA is an organisation which aims to reform of the regulation and administration of health professionals in Australia

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