Ramdev is a Politician, Ban Patanjali TV commercials feeding #PaidMedia till GUJ Elections

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Some years back Baba Ramdev started with yoga which was nothing but the pervading of yoga activity which our ancestors passed on to our generation. People appreciated his move & welcomed whole heartedly.
After winning public's trust, he started the game of money by charging high entry fees from people for attending his Yoga Camps. Means no entry to poor people & if given too, then somewhere in the last & away from the stage. Why no tickets were/are issued at 'first come first serve' basis if really Ramdev is doing social service?

Anyways, People accepted that too & moved on. His hidden agenda of business got the oxygen when he realised that public has started considering him good hearted person & believing blindly.

Later he started defaming the corporate companies of FMCG sector by giving the & started to promote leaves & roots found in different & hilly regions of India & brought one of his nepali business partner to forefront through one of his own channel "Aastha".

By now, he was in full swing & started befooling not only the public but the public representives too who were sitting in the govt. Started acquiring lands (subsidized rates i.e Public's money) for his Yoga ashrams etc.

Then he started mis-using those granted lands for his business, started making medicines & FMCG products (some without license too) and started promoting his items against leaves & roots (which puzzled public often used to think, where to get from) and opened Patanjali Centres almost in all cities of India (by keeping huge amount as the deposit from the retailer/distributor).

Then he came up with his second strategy of promoting his business "Bring Black Money Back to India" or you can say to befool public emotionally on the name of nationalism, patriotism, 'Swadeshi' & indirectly promoting his own business by making it a synonym of all aforementioned feelings of Indians.

He opened a front against then UPA led government in line with his pre-planned agenda and today despite his open support to BJP, he is not able to raise his voice against atrocities of current NDA led government & ignorance towards Jan Lokpal & Black Money concern.

Baba Ramdev came to lime light on the name of Yoga and today he openly supports political organisations like BJP, RSS and other hindu extremists groups (https://in.reuters.com/article/india-modi-ramdev/special-report-as-modi-and-his-hindu-base-rise-so-too-does-yoga-tycoon-baba-ramdev-idINKBN18J1HJ He openly speaks against one specific community, tries to divide the society and govt. takes no action against him finally. (https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/off-with-their-heads-ramdev-adds-to-bharat-mata-row-but-says-bound-by-law-1335047 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3fkGBI4BqE

Ramdev is no more a ascetic but a politician & businessman who is continuously befooling Indians. In recent past, He has joined hands with several foriegn as well as Indian (having foriegn money invested) coporate houses and showcases himself as patriotic & self reliant business man


Now after promoting his health related drugs & FMCG products he has started selling those products too which have no relation with Ayurveda, natural fibres etc. and trying to have his foot prints in all business sectors.

No doubt, Baba Ramdev is the close ally of BJP whose market value increased to manifolds after the BJP came into the power in centre & different states.


Lala Ramdev ji is directly selling patriotism through his advertisements & try to befool India emotionally. He gives gives the slogans like
a.) "Patanjali Ghee Apnaayein or Gau Mata ko katl Khaano mein jaane se bachayein" whereas condition of cows is damn pathetic in the shelters maintained by Patanjali in Haridwar. How would his increased sale of patanjali ghee saving the cows, can he explain to the country?

b.) "Patanjali apnaayien and Bharat ko aarthic gulami se bachayein" and he even refers to "east india company business strategy" & "swaraj movement led by Lt Sh Mahatma Gandhi ji" in his advertisements to blackmail emotionally. What good is he doing for Indian economy now by taking govt aid in acquiring acres of commercial land at free of cost or at minimal cost?

c.) In his liesure time, he is often visible on TV shows holding guitar, judging the dance & singing shows or riding the motor boat and getting indulged with bollywood celebrities.

d.) Acting in the TV commercials doing kabaddi etc.

What type of ascetism is he practising? Why is he befooling the nation on the name of patriotism and natioanalism?

Today every second advertisment on all leading news/business channels or on the channels which have investment in one or the other news channels is of Patanjali. Even during the ongoing news, strips of Patanjali advertisement keeps on running in Right, Left or bottom part of the TV screen. Long visual advertisements which are too costly to afford for any business man.

But why does Baba Ramdev do this much of aggressive marketing in media channels and that too when elections comes near? This is what happened when 5 assembly elections were conducted viz, uttar pradesh, manipur, punjab, goa etc and since 3 months now, frequency of Ramdev's advertisements have increased to several times.

Its not hidden that BJP is obliging Baba Ramdev in several ways, sometimes by granting aid in industrial land purchase, sometimes by settling legal cases against him, sometimes by leaving him the heavy penalties and sometimes by giving his undue subsidies.


Now its also not hidden that Indian media has gone fearful & started crawling in order to please BJP led centre & state governments. Media has gone biased to the extent that they conduct political debates every now and then and don't let congress spokesperson to speak and themselves behaves as BJP spokesperson and attack congress, defend BJP as if its their primary responsiblity.
They don't share the news which have potential to irk anti-BJP wave and keeps on sharing the irrelevant news such Gurmeet & Honeypreet (Ram-Raheem, the Rapist), ISIS etc, what does Yogi Adityanath eats.

As soon as any elections comes, news & special TV reports specific to Hindu-Muslim conversion, communal riots, Love jehad starts to get appear in front line media under the preset agenda to polarise the public.

Such news, frequent question to opposition & anti-BJP political parties does not seems like re-buttling but like paid service to BJP.

Yes, it seems like media is being paid by BJP in the form of irrelevant TV advertisements which BJP led state government gives on the name of tourism promotion or business men like RAMDEV gives.

Even senior political leaders accused media to have biased attitude

1. Arun Shourie - ex minister of India explained how media is being given a bribe in form of advertisements and is being converted to a dog (with advertisement faced bone in its mouth).


2. Arvind kejriwal called media "paid", "biased", "dalal", "supari accepted"


And how media when paid, gets in favour of person who is paying - is explained by self acclaimed nationalist Sudhir Choudhary, anchor of Zee NEWS (Essel Group) being led by Mr Subhash Chandra who is one of BJP backed Rajya Sabha Member.

sudhir choudhary, anchor of zee news explained decreasing credibility of zee media

sudhir choudhary himself explained, how advertisements & channel's sales team compells news editors to suppress any news against government & elite business houses considering the business they give to channel AND sudhir himself caught red handed on this sting operation planned by jindal group:



So, considering all above factors, we request hon'ble Election Commission of India to ban the TV commericials of Baba Ramdev on news channel groups till the time forth coming GUJARAT & HIMACHAL PRADESH assembly elections does not gets completed & bring TV debates in model code of conduct where biased time bound arguement happens in favour of party specific.

Please sign this petition in favour of healthy democracy so that when I meet Sh AK Jyoti ji, I have enough of  public support to put my request with conviction.