India Deserves Poised Media & Vigorous Democracy!!

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When I heard hon'ble PM Narendra Modi addressing our nation India on the occasion of Independence Day (15th August 2017) & appreciating Media News Channels for creating the environment against widely discussed 'Triple Talaq' (, I realized the power of Media.

Now I trust, TV news channels, news papers today have more penetration than any politician's public meeting speech, hence it becomes very necessary to have guidelines on place to have honest/unbiased news & political debates.

It is an open secret today that more than 50% news channels belongs to the business groups who are either close ally of ruling party BJP or of the politicians themselves who are BJP backed members of parliament or member of BJP Party.

For example:
1. Network 18 (,

2. Essel Group ie. parent company of Zee Ltd. (,,

3. Republic News Channel (

In such situation, how can we expect not to have pro-BJP news or critique over the criticism, public is doing outside TV studio ?

Last time during assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Manipur etc we observed news anchors promoting BJP leaders as if they are nominated star campaigner of BJP.

On the day of 7th round of Uttar Pradesh elections, one news channel made one astrologer to sit LIVE at around 9am & made him to glorify BJP front liner leaders irresponsibly & made an awkward situation to watch the channel anymore.

To polarize the public, they inappropriately broadcasted the news of ISIS terrorist encounter in Lucknow (the evening before election in UP), Alleged role of Pakistan's spy agency ISI in Kanpur Rail Accident & later on, no investigation progress shared to the viewers over those issues as they usually do for other such cases.

On the evening before election polling date or on the same date too, Channels conduct TV debates and even in the time bound frames, they give BJP spokesperson the opportunity to deliver a speech while tell non-BJP spokesperson to answer in YES or NO in which they face difficulty even to clear their perception & stand.

They also run online pro-BJP polls on twitter like social media platforms which if you'd observe would have only 20-50 votes (whether Genuine or not is again a question) but during live debates, they share the result in percentage (rather than actual vote count) to have the broader impact on panelists and public.

Besides in normal course, it is not new to see anchors themselves behaving like BJP spokesperson.

Once Media behaved so abruptly & irresponsibly that Union Minister and Ex Army Chief had to call its as #Presstitue (though controversial but its a fact,

Supporting our government is a matter of proud but defending all the time is risky for democracy. We as a public are against none but in favour of healthy & free democracy, we wish & deserve honest news and fair elections.

Considering deeper penetration of TV in our lives today, I seek your support in appealing & requesting Election Commission of India, BJP, Congress and other political Parties to analyse the severity of current situation & demand modification of model code of conduct before GUJARAT assembly elections in such a way that no polarising & biased political TV debate could take place with paid Religious GURUs and Pakistani panelists on board, post implementation of 'Code of Conduct' in any region of India either in lieu of Assembly Elections or Loksabha Elections or Bye elections.

I trust, smallest good deed is better than grandest good intention. Lets take a step forward towards so called 'New India'!!

Thanks & Regards