Change NOTA Law

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As of now NOTA is only symbolic. Any number (percentage) of votes in NOTA does not affect results of election, I mean though NOTA got majority of vote then also it will not have any impact on candidate who won the election.

ie if out 100 votes, NOTA got 60, candidate A got 30 and other candidates got totally 10 votes then candidate A will be announced as winner.

Most Important advantage of NOTA, it helps to avoid False Voting. After lots of effort ECI has not able to completely stop False/Fake voting. When you don't go for voting some body else on the behalf of you may go with fake voter id and vote. If you don't like to vote any politician in your assembly, then also you should go and cast your vote , may be to NOTA. It will ensure that no body else later can come and vote on the behalf of you because voting percentage can not increase more than 100%.

Please  make election null and void if NOTA gets the majority except in sensitive areas like Naxals, Moists, Kashmir and North eastern states because people  may intentionally vote for NOTA and threaten the integrity of Indian nation.