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Ban Shinchan & Doraemon Cartoon Serials & their Toys at Mc Donalds

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The Cable TV touches more than 30 Million Households in India

The Children of our country are being exposed 24X7 to these cartoons films and episodes like Shinchan and Doraemon.

A lot of Children in age group 2.5- 10 yrs watch too much of Shinchan and Doraemon Leading to :

1. Non participation and total disinterst  in value adding activities like Drawing, Shapes, Maths, Sports, Visit to Parks, Creative games 
2. They imitate and get inspired from characters like Jian the Bully or Shinchan the Mischievous Brat leading to sudden change in behaviour and Actions
3. Shorter Attention spans
4. Rude Behaviour and violence
5. Affect on Eye sights as the little kids dont even bat an eyelid while watching
6. Affects growth Mental growth and social skills.
7. A few good habits are also touched upon briefly in these serials but there are better sources to learn the same.

We urge you to take cognisance of these growing challenge of every Indian houehold whether urban or rural whether Lower Middle, Middle, Upper Middle or the rich class, which has children in age group of 2.5 - 10 yrs

Lets save our Children from this Foreign Mental Invasion. We need to Ban these Cartoons Shinchan and Doraemon.

If they cannot be banned, they should not be telecast 24 hours a day , 7 days a week.

It should be not more than 2 hours a day ( All Channels put together)

CCI to take cognisance of Malafied Practices by Mc donalds by offering Doraemon toy with Happy meal


Mc Donalds offers the Toy of Doraemon character to attrract children to have Junk food. From the TV the choldren get mental junk food and then Physical junk food at Mc Donalds with the toy of Doraemon.

This is an unethical and wrong practice to induce and incite young ones to junk food. Child Obesity is declared by Health Experts and pediatricians to be the single biggest health challenge of Children in Urban India. It is proven to lead to early setting on of diseases like diabetes, Hypertension and many more dangerous diseases seen and heard in old age.



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