Compensate Northeastern Resident Assistants (RAs) Displaced By COVID-19 Pandemic

Compensate Northeastern Resident Assistants (RAs) Displaced By COVID-19 Pandemic

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On March 14th, Northeastern University announced that all students living in on-campus housing had to vacate their dorms by 5PM on March 17th. Chancellor Kenneth Henderson and Senior Vice President of External Affairs Michael Armini stated that students' room and board costs would be pro-rated for the remainder of the semester, but the close to 250 Resident Assistants (RAs) were excluded from this refund. 

RAs were forced to move off campus in less than 72 hours AND work bin check out shifts, office hours, proctor, and duty shifts during this time. Northeastern University has offered no compensation or even acknowledged the loss of housing and food for over 200 students. 

Many RAs are working class students who depend on the compensated housing and meal plan to subsidize the cost of their education. The University placed a large financial burden on them, as they were forced to move or find sublets/pay rent that they had not budgeted for. RAs were left unsupported as workers and as students. Northeastern's refusal to acknowledge this burden adds to a national problem of food and housing insecurity. The pro-rated refund would provide evicted RAs with the rent and food support they had taken from them. 

Show your support and demand that Northeastern RAs receive compensation for their lost housing and meals.