Compel Kenya-Ethiopia government Igad,AU,Stop cross border poaching,wildlife Smuggling

Compel Kenya-Ethiopia government Igad,AU,Stop cross border poaching,wildlife Smuggling

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Started by Noor Ali Farah

North Kenya region has recorded unprecedented and  rampant poaching of rare and endangered wildlife species like reticulated giraffes grevy zebras, Ostrich,Antelopes, Dik Dik and cheetahs.

 Hundreds of wildlife have been killed by a cartel of poachers operating along the kenya Ethiopia border.

 Hundreds of reticulated giraffes , grevy zebras and Dikdik are butchered for their meat,skins and tails in Wajir, Marsabit and Mandera for their meat skins and tails which are sold at an open market in south Ethiopia.

 Snared, captured cheetahs are ferried across the country border to Ethiopia for onwards delivery to Arab peninsula.

 The remote and vast northern kenya which is least policed has also lost hundreds of wildlife following a prolonged period of drought.

 In Wajir south region bordering Somalia alone,20 reticulated giraffes died from a strange disease linked to dry conditions last year. 

 More than 40 girrafes were poached while upto 70 succumbed to caused by a prolonged period of drought between in four months from September to December.

 Up Wajir north,dozens of reticulated giraffes only found in this part the country were poached and smuggled across the border to Ethiopia.

 A kilo of girrafes meat sells at &8 while a whole Dik Dik is sold out at$4 .

 Cheetahs are the most lucrative and sold at $3000-4000

.This lucrative Illicit trade are conducted by a cartel of cartels gangs with deep pockets and they are intimidating to anyone who tries to expose or stop them.

 The massive killings of wildlife in north Kenya not only threatens to lead to the extinction of this rare wildlife species only found in this part of the country but is also poses a security threat.

 The same gang are linked to human trafficking, drugs trade, contraband goods smuggling, gun running business and cutting of indigenous trees that are used for curving products.

 This petition seeks your support to compel Kenya-Ethiopia governments and other actors like African Union and Igad to take take a proactive role and develop effective strategies plus partner to deal with this menace which is likely to wipe out wildlife population in north Kenya.

Together we have an obligation to petition and compel Kenya-Ethiopia governments, wildlife conservation groups and regional bodies to act fast and address the massive loss of endangered wildlife species which are under siege from both worsening climate change, global warming effects , insecurity and neglect..


91 have signed. Let’s get to 100!