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Compel Disney to keep Episode VIII a part of official canon

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We, the Star Wars fans who view The Last Jedi favorably (Favorable Fans), believe it is important that Disney hear our voices and our insistence to keep Episode VIII as a canon film. While we don't seriously believe Disney would ever strike the film, we believe it is important to recognize the tremendous artistic accomplishment and enhancement the film brings to the Star Wars saga. We lift up and thank the creators who spent days, weeks, months, and even years of their lives crafting an unexpected, and fresh take on the Star Wars Universe.

We, the Favorable Fans, recognize that no highly-anticipated film will ever be what we expect, and allow room for narratives that we may not have imagined.  We remain open-minded to new possibilities, and new directions for things we cherish, especially things we cherish, so that they may grow and flourish in new and unexpected ways.

We, the Favorable Fans, recognize that central themes of The Last Jedi were about things not going the way you expect, failure, change, challenge, and letting go of the past in order to make room for the future, things that are central to the human condition, and learning how to leverage these things into possibilities. We recognize that The Last Jedi is about new possibilities for ALL, and not just a limited "chosen" few.  Star Wars is for everyone, not just a few self-proclaimed hard core fans.

We recognize that the narrative of Star Wars has never been ours to "own". We realize it is up to us to like or dislike a film, and never our place to force artists' hands to change something we don't like, or invalidate their creation.

We, the Favorable Fans, ask those who are upset about the film... the self-proclaimed masters of the Star Wars universe, to know that we have grown beyond you. And that is your burden to bear. So we humbly implore you to not watch the films you don't like.  We promise we will not force you. Let us enjoy things.

We, the undersigned, implore Disney to keep Episode VIII exactly where it is. As a relevant and fresh take on the Star Wars saga.

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