Compassionate release for Connie Farris

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This is a photo of my wife, Connie Farris and I on our 40th anniversary.   I joined the Air Force in 1961, served my country and will turn 75-years old this June.  

I have a form of Muscular Dystrophy called Emery-Dreifus Muscular Dystrophy which has affected the muscles in my upper body. I have very limited use of my arms, there’s no strength in my left arm and limited strength in my right arm. As a result, my right arm takes all the strain when lifting and is now suffering from fatigue. My legs and knees have weakening with age, making it very hard get up from a sitting position. I get a series of 3 shots over 3 weeks for each knee every 6 months to control pain.  I need knee replacement but cannot undergo surgery without a caregiver. 

Connie and I have been married for 53 years. We have no family, children or living relatives which is why I desperately need her.  Our story was published in The Marshall Project, entitled Caring for My Sick Husband From Prison, by Connie Farris as told to Christine Thompson.

Connie has served 7 years on a 12 year sentence at a low-security federal institution for a minor offense of mail fraud.  I eat TV dinners and have fallen twice in the last 6 months. As a Veteran of the U.S. Airforce, the VA takes care of most of my medical needs, but I have to drive 60 miles round trip to the VA medical facility, alone.

Connie also suffers from a long list of ailments that make her eilgible for compassionate release due to her age and medical history.  But, there is a provision for compassionate release when a spouse has no care taker, hence we fall into both categories that govern the criteria for a compassionate release while in federal custody.  

Connie's compassionate release petition was approved at the initial stage, before being denied by the General Counsel of the Bureau of Prisons. She filed for a second compassionate release after BOP staff told her she would be approved if she refiled. Instead, she was denied again.  This has been a cruel and horrible joke.
I had to file bankruptcy the first of the year and must move or I will be evicted because my current rent went up almost 50%. The VA is trying to help me find a new place to live but thus far it's been impossible to find anything affordable in my Social Security disability income bracket.

Please have mercy on us!   We are not asking for much because she will be released in 2 years, yet that timeframe, at our age, is priceless.   What kind of country gives an elderly woman a 12 year sentence for a 1st offense? We are seniors and need compassion. 

Please have mercy on us and release Connie Farris for compassionate release. Read more about Connie Farris on her CANDO profile page.