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To know about standard methods of recruitment:

Meaning of third party recruiters:

What's Happening in India?

Third party staffing agencies are basically small companies. They may be either registered or un- registered. They initially hire candidates and then depute these candidates in medium or large companies.

To understand more clearly consider, a third party staffing agency named AAA.
You'll be a so called 'permanent employee of AAA'
Your work location will be a medium or a large scale company named BBB.
Your salary will be credited to you by AAA.

The big company BBB will also be having permanent employees.
These permanent employees of BBB will be getting:
• Better salary privileges (usually double the salary of a third party employee)
• Medical Insurances.
• Better leave and TA,DA (Travelling Allowance, Dearness Allowance) privileges
• Employment Training
• Free Health check up campaigns. Events to balance work-life stress
• Team outing, Team lunch.
• Skill enhancement programs

How are you going to get your salary?

The company BBB will pay AAA.
AAA will take its cut and pay you the rest.
Your salary is usually half the amount that is paid by BBB to AAA or even less.
You'll not be having any kind of medical insurance or any kind of special allowances from AAA.
No Training will be provided from the company's side
You'll be doing all sorts of job in BBB similar to that of the permanent employees of BBB.
You'll be working for same number of hours and you'll also be equally contributing for the company's profit and betterment

The company BBB will have mutual understandings with AAA.
BBB can terminate contract with AAA at any point of time without providing any valid reason.
This means that your job is always at risk at any point of time.

Now definition of "mutual understanding"
A recruiter or a manager of BBB will be paid under the table by AAA for each of their candidates being selected.
This recruiter or manager of BBB will convince its top level administration team that the third party recruitment is done for a temporary job profile. In case of job termination, BBB brand name will be safe.

This is the level of corruption in private companies.
The people in private firms are also corrupt, but a kind of polished and high class.

There is one more thing - 'Contract to Hire'
If some people in BBB like your performance and the company decides to hire you as a permanent employee then, BBB has to pay a sum of amount to AAA.
This decreases your chance of being a permanent employee.

Who is under loss?
Employees of AAA
All the hard work is done by them and they are paid half.

Who is benefitted?
Only the CEO and other top level administration people of AAA
They do nothing but still get paid.

This declines the number permanent open positions in large companies.
This also encourages many fraud companies to emerge.

First of all, there is sacristy of employment opportunities and then there is all this bull shit.
I've worked for 2.5 years in a third party staffing agency.
I always felt like - "Dhobi ka kutta - na ghar ka, na ghaat ka"

My only intention of this petition is to request the companies to pay the people who work hard and not the middle men who do nothing.

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